Top Five Best and Worst Console Advertisements of All Time

For as long as there have been products for sale, advertising has been a key component of the sales process. Every business needs customers, and these customers have to find out about a product somehow. With so many different companies vying for consumer attention, it's hard to stand out and be memorable. This rings especially true in the gaming industry, where console publishers need to convince prospective buyers to shell out hundreds of dollars for their system, and hopefully not a competitor's. Over the last few decades, there have been plenty of memorable gaming marketing campaigns, although not all for the same reason. After careful consideration, we have put together a list of the best and worst console ads of all time.

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LadyStardust3500d ago

Kevin Butler is the man. Those new PS3 ads are great, such a far cry from the horrible launch ads.

jalen2473500d ago

The Kevin Butler commercials will probably go down in history as some of the best video game commercials ever.

Foliage3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I wonder why these random bloggers always have to throw in fanboy comments instead of being impartial:

"Sony’s attitude of “you’ll buy it anyway” alienated many gamers, who instead turned to the more affordable Xbox 360 and Wii"

First off, Sony never had that attitude. If anything, they were trying too hard for attention when really they should have just sat back. Nintendo on the other hand had that very exact attitude the whole time. They haven't pushed the industry forward in anyway, but instead just cashed in on old tech and absolutely nothing original.

As for people turning to the Wii and 360 when the PS3 released, that's a blatant lie. People turned to the Wii from the start because it was hyped up immensely. The 360 lost customers just as much as the PS3. Now to say that users turned from the PS3 to the 360 is a tall and uninformed order, seeing as the PS3 has been outselling the 360 since it's release regularly.

LadyStardust3500d ago

Actually the PS3 has been consistently in third place this generation in the U.S. according to VGChartz. I think the real fanboy is anyone who wouldn't agree that Sony totally botched the PS3 launch with those horrible ads, terrible launch games, and overpriced SKUs. Also how is the article "fanboy"ish when the best ad of all time was also for the PS3? Did you even read the whole thing?

Not everyone who says something negative about any system is automatically a fanboy.

TehSuperCell3500d ago

Not sure why everyone thinks Kevin Butler is amazing.
He is just a guy hired to act as if he likes PS3.
Me and my friends find him unfunny.

The_Perverted_Ninja3499d ago

Give us more credit than that cell... no one here believes you could have real friends. (and no your social networking sites don't count)