Modern Warfare 2 vs. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Which Multiplayer Is Better? takes the gloves off and compares the two juggernaut military shooters of today to determine which is better, Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

From the article: "For this epic showdown, I'm going to break it down into five categories: Weapons, Vehicles, Maps, Level Perks and In-Game Intangibles. For the most part, these categories speak for themselves. We'll examine the weapons, vehicles and maps, how they play and which serve the gamer in a better way. We'll examine the leveling system, how you unlock perks and see which is more addictive. Finally, we'll examine the in-game intangibles. This is a bit more nebulous, but what I'm going for is which is more intense/crazy/fun. Then, we'll wrap it up and declare which game is the multiplayer to rule them all, Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BFBC2)."

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