Top 15 Modders Who Changed PC Gaming

Gaming Bolt:

PC mods, or modifications, are one of the primary reasons why the PC is often looked on as superior to its console brothers. Mods can be anything from new game modes, to new units, to graphical enhancements to complete game overhauls. However, behind the mods are a team of focused, dedicated people, who rarely get the accolades they deserve. So here is our top 15 list of PC modders.

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peeps3496d ago

nice list. still need to check out eastern fronts cus i love CoH + never realised Red Orchestra was an unreal 2004 mod!

mal_tez923496d ago

I knew he would be #1

I enjoyed Garry's Mod so much, which is amazing considering I didn't like Half Life 2.

pwneddemocrat3496d ago

but in my opinion, i'd swap N.1 with N.2

dillydadally3496d ago

I agree. Great list, very accurate with the exception of the last two need to be swapped. Counter-Strike has effected the modding world, not to mention the gaming world, more than any other mod in existence. Garry's mod was fun to play around with, but for millions of people, Counter-Strike defined a large period of their life.

TABSF3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Really shows how good the PC community is

Love some of these mods but where is Zombie Panic or Age of Chivalry