Top 5 Upcoming Console Exclusives for 2010

The gaming year for 2010 started off with a bang and the rest of the year is looking to stay just as hot with new releases. With many games announced for the remainder of the year, let's take a look at the 'Top 5 Games' that will release in the remaining months of 2010, that are known thus far.

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WiiPS3beats3603493d ago

how is halo reach #2 but alan wake is #1, that is dumb and its very biased, 4 out of 5 are xbox

Beast_Master3493d ago

Well your gonna see a ton of these list then after E3 they will all be different. As long as we don't know Sony and Nintendo's Fall plans then these list are worthless. Not to mention we don't even know what games 3rd party developers will be dropping this holiday. Ubisoft? 2K? EA just Dead Space 2, doubt it... Bethesda Brink and Fallout New Vegas, and MS are the only publishers we know about. (well we still get to see Rare's Natal game/s at E3.. then MS is out of studios unless Epic annouces Gears 3 which would be bad outlook for 2011 exclusives.

lelo2play3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I would change the title to...
Top 5 Upcoming Console Exclusives until E3 2010
... after E3 the list might change.

1 - Alan Wake
2 - Splinter Cell (it's a console exclusive)
3 - Crackdown 2
4 and 5th... don't see another console exclusive that interests me until E3

As for after E3... Fable 3, Halo Reach, GT5, Resistance 3 (probably be announced), Motorstorm 3 (probably be announced)... among others.

As for releases for late 2010 or 2011... Gears 3 (probably be announced), Agent, The Last Guardian ... among others.

Wii games i don't care... Modnation racers tried the beta and it feels like a Wii game, so i don't care.

SpartanZero3493d ago

Personally I would have put Halo in 1st take out Mario and add Crackdown 2

Seekerofthewind3492d ago

5 and 2: Meh.
4: Interested, but cautiously pessimistic.
3: Interested, cautiously optimistic
1: Never heard of it, sounds interesting, but I'm probably never going to play it.

Samus HD3492d ago

3.mario galaxy 2
2.Metroid other M
1.Zelda Wii