Is God of War 3 The Beginning of the XBox 360's End?

Before you burn me at the stake, or decapitate me with the Blades of Chaos, there are some things we should consider when looking at the future of the current console war. As Sony and Microsoft fight for our loyalty, we first must understand we are ultimately in control, and that as gamers we are the life force of the industry, and determine it's fate buy the choices we make. For good, or bad the current state of gaming is becoming very different, and the industry is change quickly.

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LordMarius3500d ago

No, but its a great reason to own a PS3

FishCake9T43500d ago

Agreed. One game will never be the other consoles end. PS3 release GOW3, 360 gonna release Reach. At the end of the day its us as consumers who win.

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lociefer3500d ago

it started back with uncharted 1

jammy_703500d ago

Ps3 exclusives keep gettin better and better, 360 exclusives just.... Aren't

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I LOVE GAMES3500d ago


kindly report this fanboy as ((SPAM))

Game13a13y3500d ago

Sony didn't end the Xbox, they are only doing their own things, which is keep pumping good exclusives after good exclusives. on the other end, Xbox360 is dying on its own with no exclusives that can match with GOW 3, GT 5, Agent, Last Guardian, Yakuza, Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, and so on and on...heck, they didn't even come up with anything to match with MGS 4 and Uncharted 1.

MEsoJD3500d ago

was the game that ended any chances of me ever buying an xbox.

sikbeta3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

[?] I don't give a FVCK! I just Love This Game so much that I don't care about Other consoles, so Lets keep Gaming...

@Deuce Bigalow

"Xbox 360 owners are having a blast right now playing games instead of spending 24 hours behind a computer"

but Bungie, I mean Deuce, What are you doing Right Now it's the exact same thing you describe in your post, lets be honest, you Spend More time Here than anyone with your Multiple-Accounts...

NewZealander3500d ago

i agree it was an awesome game, but i dont think its going to mark the beginning of the end for 360, no one game can do that, did mass effect 2 signal the end of ps3? after all its still rated higher on metacritic.

for all that god of war 3 does right its still not perfect, i finished it in 3 sittings, just shy of 9 hours, it was epic as hell when the titans were involved but some other areas were pretty slow paced and not as impressive to look at, like the bit where you had to line the stairs up with that gem thing.

after i finished the game i was happy i played it, being one of the best games to come out on ps3 since uncharted 2, but i dont think ill be going back to it any time soon.

silverbeld3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

No, But together with GT5 3D gaming and MOVE it will kill the 360.

Darth Gamer3500d ago

MEsoJD, Why would ONE game end all chances of you buying an XBoX360. I'm sorry but that is just retarded. Glad you liked Demon Souls, So did I. (very much so) But I also liked Gears 1 and 2, crack down, ME1 and ME2, L4D and so on... I also liked MGS4 Uncharted 1 and 2 God of War(all of them) etc... One game is not going to keep me from buying and playing every other game that I find playable or enjoyable.

I own Both consoles and enjoy both of them. Do yourself a favor and do the same!!!!

Game13a13y, Sorry but the 360 is not killing itself because it does not have the games you listed. I love it when the fan boys of the PS3 Talk of nothing but graphics. Just like the fan boys of the 360 brag that LIVE is soooo much better than PSN. Rediculous on both accounts. Let me break it to you, Game play is what makes a great game and just like the PS3, the 360 also has plenty of GREAT games that offer great GAMEPLAY. Every game that you listed, even though they are great games, they also offer nothing new to the table. they are just the same old thing with a shiny coat of paint. If you want to mention a game that is like no other on the 360, atleast mention Heavy Rain. Take the same advice as above and get both consoles.

corneliuscrust3500d ago

is that you got disagrees for that. whats wrong with kids being so insecure these days?

Can't you guys (phantom downvoters) recognize when someone has made a good point based around their OPINION?

He's not even slagging ps3, he's merely offering the point of view that one can enjoy BOTH consoles.

MEsoJD3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I also game on pc where I play Mass Effect series, L4D, and many other

games that are also on xbox. The few that arent on pc or ps3 are not

enough to go out and buy an xbox imo.

Darth Gamer3500d ago

I agree on both of your comments. MEsoJD, it is good that you are not only a PS3 gamer, because there is so many great games to be only a one platform gamer. and to Corneliuscrust, exactly!! Enough said!!

zeeshan3500d ago

The least the author should have done was to check for the god damn spellings and grammer mistakes! OMG! That's simply horrible :(

Christopher3500d ago

I can't believe ANYONE would legitimately disagree with MariusElijah.

Immortal3213500d ago

I'm not the type to appreciate upscale graphic from the 360, since this is the so called next generation console. Seriously, 360 games do not look impressive, well compare to the ps3 exclusives. forget reviews and sales, "look" at the games.

Anon19743500d ago

If you're going to quote numbers, why not take a second and get the right numbers? Both company's have released official numbers, and these numbers the guy quoted come from neither source.

"biggest determining factor for Sony's new found popularity is not just its new motion controller..."
What, the new motion controller that's not out until November?

While there might be some merit to the main point, and there's certainly evidence to suggest that all is not well 360 land, this article is simply to all over the place.

hazardman3500d ago

very unbiased answer..and your right definitely a reason to own a PS3, but I gotta say that there is other games before GOW3 came out worth buying the PS3 for...UC series,MLB the Show,Killzone,Rachet and Clank just to name a few...

SaberEdge3500d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious that no console will be "killing" any other console at this point. And that is exactly the way I want it. All consoles have something to offer, and for me the PS3 and 360 are personally great consoles and I think the competition between them is hugely beneficial for gamers.

BTW, God of War 3 looks awesome. I can't wait to get it. The demo didn't blow me away, but it was good fun nevertheless.

evrfighter3500d ago

well after GT5 the ps3 will have passed it's prime.

xAlmostPro3500d ago

the first few commenst "no this game will not end the other console" "sony didnt end the xbox" <atleast read the bloody title "IS gow3 the BEGGINING of the 360's end"

it doesnt state 360 is over, or that this one game has ended 360..

if you read the article it actually makes some interesting points that in term do actually show that gow3 could be the true start in 360s downward hill.. until they release there new console :)

but yeah really good article actually

Jake11113500d ago

The 360 will have a definite decline in sales after people see the epicness of GOWIII. I am about 4 hours into it and all I can say is ... WOW!!.... It is extremely impressive all around.

I was very impressed with UC2 but this takes the cake. This shows that the PS3 hasnt been tapped yet and the games will only get better.....

Cheers gamers!

Aaroncls73500d ago

The Xbox360 should not die; nor it can't be killed that easily.

GoW3 is great, but it is no console killer.

n4gno3500d ago

another ! great reason.

by the way, "The Beginning of the XBox 360's End?" = bluray victory, GOTY since 2008, exclusives, ps 3 slim.

SPACEBALL 13500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

you ps3 kids a so pathetic... god of war is ok. nothing but another generic button masher. same gameplay as the first god of war, but that doesnt matter since its on ps3, right? if it god of war was any mutliplat or xbox exclusive, you [email protected] would bash it for how unoriginal it is. the only thing god of war has is graphics. halo reach will outsell god of war easily, so end of 360... i doubt it.

ps3 fanboys are the saddest group of people i have ever come across.

raztad3500d ago


I understand you are in xbox defense mode because the article but calling God of War III generic is quite stupid. God of War is the king of the genre. What made me lol really hard was your latter reference to Halo:Reach :D, I guess you are expecting the "jetpacks" to be very revolutionary, arent you?

The xbox is doing pretty fine in NA, and it will continue selling well until MS comes up with another iteration. It's so funny how xbox loyalist get all worked up with such a little article.

boodybandit3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

This is one of those moments you are going to want back. Then again haters get what they deserve.

Spaceballs personally I don't care for 90% of the articles posted on N4G or the responses that follow from N4G members. Know how I handle it? I ignore them and move on to the next article. Usually because of members like "you" and the crap no name kid sites writing trash that get approved.

So I want to thank you for letting me know I have already wasted too much time under this article.

On topic: I'm not going to respond to this article. Articles like this is what is wrong with the media today and most of all N4G for allowing anyone with webspace a voice. What I will say is the first time I sat down and played GOW3 I don't think I blinked for an hour!

likedamaster3500d ago

Now God of War 3 is the most overhyped game in existence, only after Uncharted 2 thanks to the ps3 diehards. Good job.

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Blacktric3500d ago

It's not the end of Xbox 360 of course. But it's a game that demonstrates how powerful PS3 is and gives most of the gamers a reason to buy a PS3.

corneliuscrust3500d ago

that's exactly what it means!!

Anyone on the fence should know by now that the ps3 is a beast and is def worth the money. Doesn't mean ANYTHING for the 360. 360 is a different console with different offerings.

Cueil3500d ago

did any of the amazing looking games get the PS2 users to buy Xbox 1? The difference in graphical power then is far greater than it is now.

n4gno3500d ago

Don't act like if it was the first game giving a reason to buy a ps3, like xbox fans are doing each time a goty ps3 exist :)

GiantEnemyCrab3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

You got to be stupid to think 1 game would end any system. The 360 is on it's 5th year now, there is nothing that is going to stop it from continuing to be a success.

I find it funny this article uses Japan sales numbers because the 360 has never started in Japan to even End. The system just chugs along week after week with abysmal numbers but it still is getting support.

How is Sony achieving more sales for FF and Bayonetta? Japan.

But look at a game like Modern Warfare and you see the numbers reverse. Just I don't see an Xbox focused site making these types of wild desperate claims when it does.

cliffbo3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@Douche Bigalow

you`re the troll trying to use worthless meta scores.

on topic: it`s obviously not the end of the 360 but it could be the beginning of the end. lol.

TheTwelve3500d ago

Uh, no Crab. History shows that one game always did win console wars in the past. So it's not "stupid" to think that it might happen now.

FF7 won it for the PS1.

Grand Theft Auto 3 won it for the PS2.

That being said, I agree that the gaming industry is too complex, and the players are too large for any one game to knock someone out this time around. It will take a steady slew of great, exclusive games.

PS3 has that. =)


-Alpha3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Maybe for the PSOne but GTA 3 didn't seal victory for the PS2. The PS2 was a never ending box of one giant success after the other. It had THE best launch lineup and it was an excellent console.

There are numerous factors behind the success of the PS2. As for the PS3 I agree. Not one game is a "system killer" for the PS3. The PS3 doesn't even have a "mascot" and there is constant argument about which one character/game best represents the PS3. The Sony console has a lot of diversity. The closest game this gen that I consider a system killed is Halo 3 which easily launched the 360 to its success. Halo single-handedly kept the original Xbox going and it is the poster child for MP games and the 360 to this day. It certainly didn't kill the PS3 but in contrast I believe it made the 360 what it is today.

hazardman3500d ago

i have to say that even with a steady slew of exclusives..PS3 still won't bring down Xbox360..they also have some great titles of their own, they might not be as flashy graphically but still demand respect by real gamers! PS3-Xbox360 don't WAR in my home they coexist!! Real Gamers FTW!

TheTwelve3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Alpha --- I don't think so, bro. The PS2 had as many "doomed" articles as the PS3 did when it first launched. They all disappeared after GTA3. I clearly remember that time. =)

Hazardman --- Real gamers don't need to own all consoles. As I said elsewhere, what it might mean to own all three consoles is that you have too much time, too much money and no decision-making skills. I've been gaming since Commodore 64 and happily own only a PS3. Course, I also work full-time and keep a girl happy.

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N4PS3G3500d ago

he wrote it from the future!! hahahaha

GR8 13500d ago

GOD ps3 retards are at it again anything to cheer them up from 3RD PLACE.........i guess it must be a lonely place and i wouldn't understand how it feels to be in 3RD PLACE because we xbox360 owners have never been in 3RD PLACE.

Das_Bastardion3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Do you?...

You are the most pathetic piece of sh!t ever conviced... i feel sorry for your parents and i will feel nothing but contempt for your children, gow bless you

blasian3500d ago

GOD xbox retards are at it again anything to cheer them up from NO EXCLUSIVES.........i guess it must be a lonely place and i wouldn't understand how it feels to not have EXCLUSIVES because we PS3 owners have always had EXCLUSIVES.

TheXgamerLive3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

No, they will still be here as will The Xbox 360, ps3 and Wii. Stupid comment to make. let me explain something, the advantage the ps3 has over the Xbox 360 is that sony owns more than triple times the amount of first party developers, and that gves them more room for error, take White knight Chronicles, it looks like a PS2 game, seriously it does and you sony fans know it, but sony can afford more mistakes like this game b/c of all the titles they can put out w/FPD. If MS has made any mistakes there's 2, 1 is the Xbox 360 should never had an arcade model w/o a HD and 2nd is their lack of owned studios ala first party developers.
Both systems will have some great games and yes MS could have many many more but they need to aquire more FPD, they assumed there'd be more exclusive titles from 3rd party dev. but in this economy they need to be multiplatform due to high cost and it's just more profitable.

Xlll3500d ago

" Mass Effect 2 and it's the greatest looking game to date on any platform imo."

have your eyes checked.

stonecold13500d ago

guess what 360 is in 4th place ion japan barley outsells the ps2 there in europe 360 is in 3rd place same with australia new zealand get over with it moron

Marty83703500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

You tool, PS3 continues to out sell Crapbox worldwide on a weekly basis by 40k - 50k.

The only place Crapbox is heading is last place, plenty time yet for that to happen.

@Clizzz - PS3 doesn't need to kill Crapbox, as Crapbox does an excellent job of self destruction all by itself(RROD says hi)

Jump Out,Play B3yond


NateNater3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Get your facts straight buddy. Not that it really matters that much to me, because its not like I work for MS or any video game company, but 360 sales have been consistently behind PS3 sales world wide. 2006 is over man. Stop living in the past.

You think PS3 is a failing console? Go take a look at how 360 is doing in Japan and then tell me what's failing.

TheOutsider3500d ago


Digitaldude3500d ago

Yeah mate cause sales is EVERYTHING.

L-Teezy3500d ago

i still dont see how MS has a bigger install base than ps3. MS counts each system sold, but im sure half that number has already RRoD'd. theres millions of people thats had 2-5 consoles wich only equals 1 install.

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