Square Enix CEO Comments On Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yoshinori Kitase (Director), Motomu Toriyama (Planner), and thousands of fans are keen on a Final Fantasy VII remake. Now hear what the head honcho of Square Enix thinks about the topic.

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PirateThom3501d ago

If it's remade for PSP, I think Square Enix may well be burned to the ground by irate fanboys.

Gradient3501d ago

Most PSP fans are Ps3 fans as well. Sure, there would be disappointment, but it would be nothing compared to what would happen if the remake was announced for a non-Sony platform (remember, due to FF7 also being on PC there's that loophole).

menoyou3501d ago

Square-Enix is a garbage developer that only makes mediocre RPGs with zero innovation or vision about transexuals who save the world. They can kiss my ass. When a proper FF7 remake comes out, then I'll give a crap about this company. Until then, I wish they would go bankrupt. They are an embarrassment to old Squaresoft and Enix both.

crck3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I personally would laugh at a remake on the PSP. PS3, 360, PC or a PSP2 launch title I can deal with. I don't want some half ass cash in. Do it right or don't do it at all. I wouldn't even bother buying it if it was on the PSP.

Godmars2903501d ago


But what happens if its multiplatform, much less uses XII or XIII game engine? Offers no turn based option.

SullyDrake3501d ago

I guarantee this is why Square is taking so long to start work on one despite having a solid FF engine and a ton of fan requests and support.

MurderMyDoll3501d ago

I thought the main reason we wanted a remake of FFVII was to see it in HD graphics... wouldn't a PSP version kinda defeat the purpose?

iamtehpwn3501d ago

No Mention of an Xbox360.


Aaroncls73501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Hmm, I don't know anymore. FF13 has very disappointing for me story and character wise. The English dub is f*cking horrible!

I think SquareEnix needs a decent team of at least 10 writers, producers and hardcore gamers from the West; not Americans necessarily, but professionals that can help them break out of the Japanese Highschool-only visual and spoken language thing. It needs to be more universal without having to be a Hollywood imitation; because that would suck too, I think.

There's is nothing wrong with Japanese story telling or character development, in fact, most of my favorite movies and games are the product of the finest Japanese artists.

However, taking into account what SE wants to do, it is obvious that they need to consider what I mention above, they seem to want more exposure for the franchise at a global scale; but this won't work with incredibly boring fighter dudettes and horribly lame kids. Hope? Vanille? Come on, guys; we are not 15 anymore...

Ahem... Back on topic, FFVII remake would be awesome if they stick to the original magic touch and leave the Jp voice dub. Thanks.

evrfighter3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

a remake of ff7 is seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel. Imo VII is the best FF made. But let's just leave it at that. Making a sequel to FF7 is fine...But remaking it?

That's just milkin the cow, while the cow (you guys) are squealing in delight begging for more...

I can see fangirls going crazy over a next-gen sephy but...oh wait nm, forgot I was on N4G for a second.

FanboysWillHateMe3501d ago

absurdly unreasonable expectations with everything. You'd really find ways to pick apart and criticize every single aspect about the remake, just like everyone complained about XIII having no towns and NPCs amongst other things.

I'd like a remake very much, but I almost feel like FF fans don't deserve it, because a lot of them don't appreciate the latest titles (12 and 13), which really aren't as bad as everyone's making them out to be. In fact, I'd say they're pretty good.

Everyone's always making demands about how they should go back to the old-school style...umm, sike? Like you won't complain about how it lacks innovation and does nothing new if they were to do that.

iamtehpwn3501d ago

If Microsoft announces an Xbox360 slim at E3, and Sony announed THIS a playstation 3 exclusive, Microsoft will not only be blown out of the water in terms of news, but Ps3 sales will skyrocket 5 minutes later.

poontab3501d ago

Yeah but in Japan they'd be worshiped as kings again.

Panthers3501d ago

I would MUCH rather it be for PS3/360 than PSP. A PSP remake would be horrible. FF7 deserves better.

Lionsguard3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Sony does NOT own FF7. As much as I'd like it be a pure PS3 game there is a chance it'll land on the 360 if Sony does not take action and secure it by buying it out or something. FF7 is property of SQUARE if it was owned by Sony, Sony could get development for it on one of their own studios if they wish. Sony only owned publishing rights for it on the PS1. Dont know why you kids keep thinking Sony OWNS the IP because they DON'T. Just because you publish a game does not mean you all of a sudden own said IP.

You can disagree with me all you want but it won't change the fact that Sony doesnt own it and you know they dont own it. But Sony is being just as stubborn. They know FF7 is huge and it'd be their trump card yet they refuse to pony up for it.

Godmars2903501d ago

*IF* they do it right. Both the JP, EU and US versions.

ChineseDemocracy3501d ago

Remaking it on the PSP would be unfortunate and flat out lazy. Not to mention, me and a few other million people would probably go apeshit.

The PSTriple is where it's at. PLEASE.

Lightsaber3501d ago

No way it be Ps3 exclusive the cost of making it would focus SE to doing for the ps3/360. They could do a psp exclusive but they really just be a port of the game not a remake.

Alvadr3501d ago

Will this ever just die

AAACE53501d ago

Wouldn't SE have to pay Hironobu Sakaguci if they made a remake of this game?

I know the main reason they couldn't remake/port Goldeneye 007 was because there was too much legal stuff of this company owns this and that persons name was attached to that etc.

That's the only reason it seems like they won't do it. The fan demand is there so I can't see why not to cash in on it, especially if they would go through all the trouble of making a FFVII movie!

vhero3501d ago

@Lightsaber - Sony own publishing rights to FFVII so they could not release a FFVII remake on the 360 without Sonys permission not on physical media anyways. Since all 360s don't come with a HDD download would be pretty stupid aswell especially considering how big it would be. Sony won't give permission to SE to release on 360 and I think SE always planned a FFVII remake they were just waiting for PS3 sales to increase to make it worthwhile.

Lightsaber3501d ago

vhero let me say this as nicely as I can your a f*cking idiot. Sony doesnt own the IP of FF. The 1st 6 games were made for nintendo. FF7 was made of windows and it was published by Eidos (SE now own that too) Final Fantasy VII Advent Children was made once again by SE and in Japan it was distributed by SE sony had nothing to do with it.

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GR8 13501d ago

PSP version would be the best thing ever forget the ps3.

PeptoBismol3501d ago

for once, just shut-up PP

3500d ago
EvilBlackCat3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Motion Controls
Online Multiplayer

Keep it for NEXT GEN

Better Graphics then like modern CG graphics.

AND please dont compare PS3 graphics with modern CG graphics loyalists. PS3 cant touch them but hey... keep dreaming.

SeanScythe3501d ago

I want it on PS3. <--- PERIOD

TheTwelve3501d ago

Agreed. But what I hate is that everyday I know they're not working on it, it's +3 years or so when I actually see it.


poontab3501d ago

Remember when they said they were going to remake VII, VIII,& IX right before PS2 launch in Japan? (think it was in an issue of NextGeneration). Just give me a full remake of VI, I want to see Shadow and Kefka in HD on the XIII engine!

DJexs3501d ago

I do not want a remake just because of the chance of it being on xbox.

Nitrowolf23501d ago

It will end up looking like crisis core
SE don't bring it to PSP
It will be a remake but not the ones people want.
I can understand if they can't do FF13 graphics for it but please make it for ps3

Das_Bastardion3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

this stupid man is the sole responsible of the failure Square Enix is this generation, all their games has been branded as "medium" to "mediocre" not only for the Xbox, but for all the other platforms too.

They just wanted MS money, even if their products were not that good or polished they just wanted to takes Microsoft User's Money with their sh!t, they even gimped FF XII for the PS3 and made a mediocre port to Xbox.

FF VII remake would sell incredibly, i cant understand why this motherfvkcer is so picky about it, the game must be remade and only for the PS3 if they want to do it the way its meant to be.

Fvck this guy i hope he dies the most horrible way possible

Shadow Man3501d ago

Just relax and let me enjoy my FFVII Remake Xbox360 version of the game while you enjoy the Superior FFVII Remake version on your ps3. And we can be equally happy.

thebudgetgamer3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

the extremely linear ff13 had to be put on 3dvds with no towns.

square would probably blow it anyways.

Das_Bastardion3501d ago

You know man... you're right...

I should not wish death on anyone, it's true, whatever the reasons of the company to proceed the way they did, it's not human to wish death to another guy.

We already live in a really difficult world, daily several people die of starvation in several countries around the planet without anyone who cares about it. Feeling anger about a stupid video game is not the proper way to make things better.

This was a strange day... first i felt sorry about Jim Starling... for being Jim Sterling... and now this... lol I'm afraid im going to become an Emo Final Fantasy Lead Character like Squall or Cloud.