The Top 40 Most Wanted Games of March 2010

This month saw a decrease for all 6 platforms in points, though the Wii, PC and PSP only saw small decreases. Final Fantasy XIII managed to hold the top place for it's last chance, though God of War III saw a slight increase, which coupled with a large fall in FF votes meant it was a close call, and taking out X360 voters sees GoWIII triumph.

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naznatips3494d ago

Interesting. A lot of great games on that list. My poor wallet.

3494d ago
MisterPickles23494d ago

Interesting that Zelda Wii is so high, considering it hasn't been truly announced yet.

bmw693494d ago

Everyone know it'll be good even before it actually gets announced!!

Rubang3493d ago

It's announced. They just didn't give it a name. They announced a release window, some concept art, and that it will exclusively use Motion Plus. All it needs is 3 second teaser video to take over the internet.

Kantor3494d ago

Well, it's good to see that VGC can do something besides make up numbers.


O-D-C3494d ago

So many good games...

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The story is too old to be commented.