Datel brings motion sensing to PSP Games

Datel brings their brand new Tilt FX product to many PSP Games including Need for Speed, Wipeout and Loco Roco.

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NateNater3502d ago

Reminds me of the tech Yoshi Topsy Turvy on GBA used.

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago

And that one Warioware game on GBA.

Sounds like a great idea for LocoRoco.

BlackIceJoe3502d ago

This is pretty cool. I wonder if Tilt FX does well that developers might make new games with Tilt FX in mind.

darthv723502d ago

I wonder if you have to specifiy which version you have or if one adapter is for all 3. I know the original headphones/remote from my 1000 doesnt fit my son's 2000.

Maybe they should have made this a mini USB. Small and cheap and it looks like it works. I like it.

HowarthsNJ3502d ago

There's a choice of 1000 or 2000/3000

Mr Porter3502d ago

cool, but how will it work, fw update or what.

HowarthsNJ3501d ago

Only a few so far including Loco Roco..

hazelamy3501d ago

wonder if it works with mercury meltdown, surely a perfect game for this.