Nintendo calls PS3 Playstation Move 'Wii too'

PunchJump: Nintendo America Inc. president Reggie Fils-Aime this month described Sony Corp.'s Playstation Move motion controller for the Playstation 3 as a Wii copycat in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

"Looking at what PlayStation is doing, it feels very 'Wii-too'," Fils-Aime told the publication.

When asked to comment on Microsoft Corp.'s Project Natal gesture control system for the Xbox 360 he said "we'll wait and see when they actually show off their software.

Sony in Mar. took a pre-emptive strike at Wii and Natal in a new online video that discredits competitor technology.

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GR8 13493d ago

PS3 couldn't come out with a innovation instead.......why don't we just copy wii and make it sound as if it was our own idea.

While Microsoft is innovating (NATAL) which is in no way copycat. Even Reggie can't say anything bad about Natal.

Sony is scum they belong in the gutter words can't describe how low they are and they think holding a dildo in your hands is the FUTURE lol.

NateNater3493d ago

"they think holding a dildo in your hands is the FUTURE"

According to your logic...
"They" would not be Sony. "They" would be actually be Nintendo because they came out with the Wii remote first (even though Sony was experimenting with motion controls wayyy back). It's hard to explain simple logic to Bots though.

HAHAHA! Natal is in no way a copycat? I don't think so man. Natal is just an upgraded PS2 EyeToy. Check out the older videos of Sony experimenting with Motion Controls on PS2 and you can easily see that Natal is a borrowed idea.

GrandTheftZamboni3493d ago

"Even Reggie can't say anything bad about Natal."
Well nobody can say anything (good or bad) about vaporware, because nothing has been shown.

If PS Move reminds you of a dildo, that's okay, but beware because once you go black...

mrv3213493d ago

Let's do a check shall we.

First next-gen console with motion controls was the PS3
second console was the wii

ANd third after MANY years was the 360.


Marty83703493d ago

LAGTAL is a copy of EyeToy.

Nintendo did dis LAGTAL, as they said they rejected the tech as it LAGGED to much. Sony also tried the same tech and also rejected it.

MOVE may look similar to Wiimote, but tthe tech is totally different. Also Sony had been developing the concept way before Nintendo, plenty of youtube vids to back this up.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


Wrathman3493d ago

oh pleaseeee.look at the damage least MS took natal and put some thought into takes the wii and just RIPS IT OFF!!

'oh but its more precise' gimmie a break...ever heard of wii motion plus?then on the original NES you had a lightgun for DUCK HUNT!!

if i managed nintendo,sony would be gettin a summons for infringing patents and copyrights!

sonys ;move'...fancy DUCK HUNT! circa 1984 tech!lmfao

move..=wii hd..and now nintendo even call it wii2..hahahaha

Anorexorcist3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Sony should come around and call Microsoft's Natal the 'Eye Too'

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Saying Move is a copy from Wii is no longer Valid.

Sony have more than 10 years developing a Wand. And there are Articles and Videos showing from the year 2000, a gameplay with PS2. And then, in 2004 another prototype, a Wand with a Sphere.

Then I believe, Move is more original than we think.

NateNater3493d ago

I agree with you but that makes me wonder how long Nintendo has been experimenting with motion technology. Hmmm...


Wii Fans saying the Power Glove was 1st.

But let me tell you that Power Glove is not even maded by Nintendo. Was created by MATTEL. Since the artifact was not Successful, Nintendo was NOT involved in the design or release of this artifact.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Doesn't really matter how long something is in development.
Its about making it viral.

Im not here to say who copied who, but its sure Nintendo who made a priority out of it.

Lets be honest, if the Wii wasn't so popular, that 10 year development would have been a 20 year development. I honestly don't think Sony would try to make it viral if Nintendo wasn't doing it with their Wii-mote.

Fishy Fingers3493d ago

I dont really understand why it even matters. If I buy a new mouse which is better than my previous mouse I dont rabbit on about who copied who.

Everything is basically the progression of something that came before it. Try naming something that isn't, something completely original, it's harder than you think.

Biggest3493d ago

I think the recent showings of the Move burn even more. I wonder when the Wii is going to unveil their new "Minority Report" gameplay. Or when they'll show anything on the Wii with as much precision as the Move. Or do anything even close to the same zip code as high definition gaming. It's like when the father is a pretty good small college basketball player. Then his brother's son is LeBron James. "Back in MY day they didn't care about flashy moves or efficient play. It was ugly and crude and we LOVED IT!"

3493d ago
RadientFlux3493d ago

"Saying Move is a copy from Wii is no longer Valid."

Sure it is, if the roles were reverse you can bet your a$$ that Sony would be calling out Nintendo over the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago


How is it a copy if both were in development without any public showcases from Sony?

Next to that both work in reverse opposed to each other.
One uses a fixed Cam, the other uses a (moving) cam inside the controller.

Faboys really need to stop this, its just retarded.

GrandTheftZamboni3493d ago

At least Nintendo deserves credit for risking, probably entire company and making motion control a success, at least sales wise.

Rockox3493d ago

Actually, Nintendo calling the Move a "Wii Too" might work to Sony's advantage. Think about it: People might hear this and think "Oh, Sony's making a Wii now? Well my family loves the Wii! I should get this too!"

mint royale3493d ago

LOL bu bu Sony was working on it all along...!

So was Nintendo and they actually released it as they were more commited. Now Sony and MS want to join in. Wii too please!

'Sure it is, if the roles were reverse you can bet your a$$ that Sony would be calling out Nintendo over the Wii.'

They would as that would be fair enough. But this is N4G and Sony could release the wii next year and somehow it would be Nintendo who copied them.

Note: Copying isnt bad if it is done to bring something to the consumer which Move clearly is.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Wow! I knew this was coming when I read it over at Kotaku earlier today...

BattleAxe3493d ago

I call the Wii the Game Cube Too!

CRAIG6673493d ago

I know what you are saying fella but your point is moot,nintendo beat sony and microsoft to market and thats that,i would rather they left them that market share-i like my games hardcore!!!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

This is like atari getting annoyed at everyone who makes consoles or Sony getting annoyed at MS for making a 360 slim.

Doesn't matter who does it first, only matters who does it best.

gta28003493d ago

Sony should call the move "what the Wii should have been"

cmrbe3493d ago

Nin is brining attention to the PS3 move by saying this especially with within its own wii fanbase.

Now all Sony could say is its technically and advancement to wii and then some of the wii crowd could potentially switch to move.

Nin should have just dismiss move and not bring it any attention.

As for copying. Its hard to claim that move is a wii-copy when there has been a long list of documented evidence saying otherwise. However no one can dismiss the fact that Nin made motion control popular and i do suspect that Sony really only got serious and put more effort into move with the success of the wii.

Anon19743493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Face it. Anyone with any time spent on the Wii knows the Wii-motes are terribly inaccurate and useless for things like First Person Shooters. It might be better if you buy the Wii-Motion Plus, but why the hell would anyone spend an extra $25 per controller to make it work like it should have worked in the first place?

It's not like Nintendo to mouth off to the competition like Microsoft does. Are they nervous? They really shouldn't be. While Move may sway some buyers who want something more than just a game machine, they still have the cheaper alternative for those who just want a game machine and aren't interested in Hi-Def, Blu-Ray, etc..

From what I've seen so far the Move is superior to the Wii-mote in every way. Perhaps Nintendo, rather then poking fun should be taking notes.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"Face it. Anyone with any time spent on the Wii knows the Wii-motes are terribly inaccurate and useless for things like First Person Shooters."

What...xD hahahah.

Funny thing though, people say that Move is in development for 10 years...yet just now we see little prototypes popping up.
I would have expected a full fledged game by now.

kws10653493d ago

prototype of MOVE in development showed up at GDC 2002. Even there is a video open to publics in youtube made in 2004.

I don't know if Nintendo copied whatever Sony showed before, but I am sure Nintendo knew that.

-Alpha3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Move is not original-- the controller is blatantly similar to the Wii. There is nothing wrong with that though: The Wiimote is a pretty good device and I'd rather Sony make something similar than trying to make a totally different controller. When you think about it it's only natural that the controller look the way it does. If Move came out first I have no doubt that the Wiimote would look similar.

Nintendo shouldn't be calling Move "Wii Too" they should be calling it "Wii Two" because that's what it is. Nintendo sounds jealous that Sony jumped to a whole new generation of Wii's formula before they did. All Nintendo can do now is talk while Move and Natal try overtaking it. Quite frankly I think Nintendo is a little jealous they aren't in the spotlight.

Also, Sony did not "innovate" motion control with Move. Early Eyetoy technology may have existed, but who knows how long Nintendo thought about the Wii. Not to mention that Nintendo laid down the early stepping stones for motion control with the Power Glove, as well as the Nintendo Camera, both of which used motion control. Nintendo did a lot for this industry, there's no shame in building off of their ideas. Motion control is a natural evolution in video gaming.

sikbeta3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

YEAH! and I can Do IT-too:



You say something bad about the Gamecube, you'll have problems with me Pal!

Because The GC >>>>>> wii

It was the more crappiest-lame-kiddie Console of Last Gen, but It has 3 Epic and [HARDCORE] Games:

1· REmake
2· Resident Evil ø
3· Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

And that's more than the Whole wii line-up lol ]

zanzibarlegend3493d ago

Eyetoy on ps2 was already dabbling with the type of stuff Natal and Wii are presenting, so yes, it isn't exactly like sony just got started on this yesterday. it makes me laugh when people omit facts just to bait

KillaManiac3493d ago

I don't want all the crappy Wii Shovelware games on my PS3! Nuuuuuuuu

-Alpha3493d ago

I think there are two problems:

1) Anti-PS3 fanboys are claiming Move is a rip off of Wii
2) Sony fanboys claim Move is an innovation from Sony

Both of these views are wrong.

1) Move is not a rip off, it builds off of existing ideas and simply does motion control better. Yeah, the PS3 Remote looks like the Wiimote but what the hell is it supposed to look like? The design is ideal for a tactile motion control experience. The last thing we need is Sony worrying about creating an original design.

2) Sony fanboys are trying to act as if Sony innovated and created motion control with Eyetoy. That is utter BS as the Nintendo Power Glove and Nintendo camera were, to my knowledge, the earliest examples of motion control gaming.

I don't understand why some people are SO adamant to crown Sony the innovator of motion control and why others are SO determined to burn Sony to the ground. The fact of the matter is that there is no shame in successfully building off of existing ideas if you are going to take the idea to new heights. Sony is doing just that: they see the limits of Wii, and they take it to the next level. This is just great for the gamer who can enjoy tomorrow's technology today.

Nintendo is sitting on their asses collecting money from the Wii and Sony is here to shake them up by doing their job for them IMO: Move is the Wii Two. And that is not a bad thing.

Downtown boogey3493d ago

If that's what they mean, they're absolutely right.

Saigon3493d ago

that Sony know has tapped into the wii more exclusives for the wii...this was the whole point of Move...

kws10653493d ago

MOVE and wiimote are very different from each other. Of course, both of them end up with playing sticks in your hands, since that's what they are all about. But the technologies behind them are so different that they can't just refer to each other.

MOVE is camera-based, more similar with "Motion Capture," while wiimote is InfraRed-based, more similar to "TV Remote." Camera-based motion capture is limited by camera sight, and InfraRed-based motion capture is limited by invisibility (which means you can't refer to the real life surfaces).

mint royale3493d ago

'when will people see that Sony know has tapped into the wii more exclusives for the wii...this was the whole point of Move...'


I thought Nintendo's exclusives were 1st party and the rest is shovelware so that would be abit silly ;)

wicko3493d ago

More like "Wii can do better" if anything.

LennyRodders3493d ago

Seen this posted on here but I thought I'd post it again for others to see.

Vizion263493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Stevie Wonder can see it is a rip-off.

Just because Sony had a concept build of it doesn't mean anything.I have a concept of flying shoes, does that mean in 2230 when flying shoes are popular I will be credited for being the first? A lot of tech companies have a lot of concept builds of different gadgets it doesn't necessarily mean they will eventually put it into production nor does it mean they are the first ones to come up with the concept. It is about who is the first one to come out with it. Besides Nintendo has said it wanted it on the Gamecube when it was released and that came out in 2001.

Also, the wand in the 2004 video looks nothing like the Move which looks more like the WIimote and nunchuck.

I'm glad I'm not a fanboy. Rationality flies out the window when you hold allegiance to a company.

Rockox3493d ago

^ Get on that patent for flying shoes, Vizion26.

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

LOL. Just look at the speed of the comments coming in!

Fact of the matter is, Nintendo was first out and made it popular! Does it matter that Apple came out with the iPod long after the mp3 player was invented? What about the iPhone?

Did it even matter that Sony came out with PS1, PS2 and PS3 after Atari introduced consoles?

I didn't think so! It is only important if it catches on!!! Being in a lab or a failed product only speaks of your INABILITY to commercializing a product!!!

wicko3493d ago

I guess I am just sick of Nintendo's smug attitude. They like to brag about how popular they are and how much money they're making, or how innovative they are, etc. Meanwhile, they've essentially ignored the group of people originally responsible for their success, much like what has happened to Call of Duty.

cmrbe3493d ago

It was already in prototype in 2004. However after Eyetoy i think Sony didn't put much stock in motion control until the wii came along.

There is big difference between just a concept and having a working prototype.

As for this story. I think its great for Sony that Nin is acknowledgeing move. This is exactly what Sony wanted when they released that Keven butler ad. There is no question whatsoever that Sony is also targeting the wii crowd that want something more advance with move. Nin played into Sony's hand.

elpresador3493d ago the odyssey was out years before the 260 so stop saying atari invented consoles

WhittO3493d ago

More like Wii Too +

Its alot better than the Wii controls that we have seen, have you seen that minority report control demo!?!? :O.

Nintendo seem more and more nervous about Move, and it shows.

fear883493d ago

The "Who did what first" argument is nothing more than to give exceptions to Nintendo for creating a flawed product like the Wii.

I don't care which controller came first. That's a dumb argument in and of itself but what does matter is which performs better and has a higher accuracy.

That is undoubtedly the Move controller.

Raz3493d ago

You do realize what this means, right? Nintendo's feeling a little threatened. And what's more, their slagging the Move as a "Wii-too" whilst keeping quiet about Natal says it doesn't consider MS to be remotely threatening.

Ergo, Nintendo has (albeit in a backhanded way) acknowledged the Move as their official competitor in motion control. BOOM! ^_^

morganfell3493d ago

Reggie ought to spend a few weeks counting all of the shovel ware and substandard titles on the Wii rather than worrying about Sony. When there are better games on the Gamecube, the last thing that idiot should attempt to do is call someone out.

The Wii - King of console sales, but the Court jester of game quality.

Neo6043493d ago

Quality is what matter.

You should feel stupid to pick a cheaper quality.

TehSuperCell3493d ago

Oh look, the N4G community being the typical N4G community.
Natal rips off Eyetoy.
Move is original and doesnt ripoff Wiimote.

smittyjerkins3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Lets not forget the SNES Powerglove. THE ORIGINAL MOTION CONROLLER!

It might be a piece of sh!t, but it was first.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"But but teh Sony has been developing Move since 1945" excuses excuses

@Below "Move has expanded upon Nintendo's idea, doing more than what the Wii has done and better." Natal is also "expanded" from other tech. One more excuse, come on you can do it :)

smittyjerkins3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Why do you care Jason 360? You don't even OWN a PS3. Also, Move has expanded upon Nintendo's idea, doing more than what the Wii has done and better.

For example 1:1 sword gameplay and moving across a 3D plane.

What has Natal done that makes it superior to the PS3 Eye? Nothing so far.

menoyou3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Too bad for Nintendo all they gave us were gimmicky waggle games and the PlayStation Move will actually give us real motion controls with the PS Eye which altogether makes it a much more superior technology to the Wii and modern graphics to boot.

BattleAxe3493d ago

Your avatar looks like it came straight off your Cathode Ray Tube TV with those 480p Wii graphics. Do it better? LMAO

Blaze9293493d ago

Rofl "wii-too" hahaha I think Reggie just created a new fnaboy term for people to use against the Move.

burrrrrrn. Reggie & Nintendo +1

HolyOrangeCows3493d ago

Nintendo obviously feels threatened. They make more comments about Move than there are games that support motion plus.

Christopher3493d ago

The second keyboard also felt like Keyboard v2.0.

In all honestly, the technology is very different but the end result for player interaction is the same. They'be both very much alike and very different from each other.

Calling it Wii 2 is a bit naive unless you only want to deny the difference in technology and only lark on the similarities in interaction.

Enigma_20993493d ago

... if they haven't done anything with it until NOW. Since Nintendo actually did something with theirs, they kinda have the right to say this. At least they're not patent squatting.

N4g_null3493d ago

Sony deserves all the ribbing because we all know where they got their move sports from. On top of that wii play and sports had even more games.

Then to top it all off the move doesn't have any games worth playing yet other thAN COD. Damn so is that all you have to look forward to, move was or should bring new gamers to the table not more catchup on the same bull sh!t.

Oh well welcome to the waggle fast with now more accurate waggle! In HD with games that are better than every thing else on the market right, right, sure....

We will see if they can move units and better yet if sony can even sell this thing to their own user base the so called hardcore. Other wise sony fans should worry about getting the retards who don't like motion control to get one.

Also move needs more games and the minority report stuff is old and lame, augmented reality crap with no game play implications. This stuff has been floating around since 2002. One of the guys who made the original ultima was selling this as art back in the day.

Another thing is remember the two are not in the same market, so nintendo can say what they want. Where is the window cleaning games that PSeye toy had, why copy wii sports, cause sony sucks at making the games. Any one can put a better gyro in there, well hold up nintendo did it's called the motion plus. Yeah dont let that get out some hardcore gamers might actually find some fun games now.

This gen is over you guys are not worth fighting over or with.

MNicholas3493d ago

Nintendo rightfully deserves credit for making motion controls the standard in console games and forcing it's competitors to bring their own motion technology to retail.

Yet Sony deserves credit for recognizing the Wii's success and identifying their missed opportunity with the PS2 (not selling the Wand they had already developed) and, for the PS3, introducing a more precise and effective (if slightly odd looking) motion technology.

It's called progress. It's adaptation. If you like you can even call it a kind of evolution in the business world.

Just like any other technology. One company innovates and soon others follow and attempt to improve upon it.

Happens with cars, light bulbs, mattresses, cereal, pens, you name it.

Why complain about progress?

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doctorstrange3493d ago

Will it be just a Wii-too like device, or a Wii-two controller that really steps up motion to an entirely new level? From what I've seen so far I remain cautiously optimistic

Two-Face3493d ago

Sony ripped of Nintedo's Wii Motion Controllers.

Stop bringing up excuses and just accept it. It's a fact.

But don't worry guys. Sony was the first one that introduced Backwards Compatibility and CDs.

Biggest3493d ago

I'm used to thinking of a rip as a copy. I would call this more of a strong influence. While the Move uses a bit of the design and function, it works much better and has more applications. The Move was strongly influenced by, and surpassed the Wii-mote.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"But don't worry guys. Sony was the first one that introduced Backwards Compatibility and CDs."

Don't you mean like the commodore 64 - 128? < correct me if im wrong.
Also it was sega with a cd-drive first i think.

Yes what OpenGL said.

OpenGL3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I'm not sure if you're serious.

The Atari 7800 was backwards compatible with the Atari 2600 a decade before the original Playstation released. The AMIGA CD32, Jaguar CD, SEGA CD, TurboGrafx-CD, 3DO, Neo-Geo CD and even SEGA Saturn released before the original Playstation.

gta28003493d ago

Microsoft ripped of Sony's Eye Toy.

Stop bringing up excuses and just accept it. It's a fact.

See what I did there.