Dragon Age: Origins and Awakenings is Worth All $100 and More

New environments with a Wow factor, number of gameplay hours with no rival, new story lines, new and old characters... BioWare could have easily sold Dragon Age: Awakenings as a stand-alone game and charged another $60 for it on top of Origins. They could have called it a sequel and it would have been a better sequel than what other developers have published lately. But they didn't. They called it an Expansion pack and chopped $20 off the retail price.

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retrovertigo3499d ago

I've been intending to start over with Dragon Age with a new character and might dive into the expansion pack and start over that way. How big is the installation for Awakenings. I'm thinking of purchasing it via Xbox Live Marketplace as a download rather than fumbling around with another disc.

JimmyJames703499d ago

From what I understand, the install size is a little over 2GB.