Gamereactor International: Metro 2033 review

Gamereactor writes: "Metro 2033 might have been released for the Xbox 360 as well as the PC, but at times it does feel a bit like a glitched PC-game that would do well with either a few more months in development, or with a couple of overarching patches. The narrative would do well to get a complete overhaul, it should have been tightened up considerably to be able to give the environments the extra edge they deserve. 4A Games have struck gold in so many places, and the game culture intelligentsia many games journalists (myself included, of course) consider themselves a part of has been screaming for something like this for a long time. A Russian piece of literature, translated to our beloved gaming medium? Genius!

Metro 2033 is an unpolished gem, a piece of fiction whose rich language fail to deliver a story but still stands out in a bookshelf filled with Danielle Steel and bad Tom Clancy (pre-Ubisoft) knockoffs."

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