Rumor: Hillary Clinton preps for video game tax

Brian Crecente of the Rocky Mountain News and Kotaku* is claiming that a reliable source that Senator Hillary Clinton is getting ready to advocate a tax to video games, much like cigarettes have their own special tax. Furthermore, Clinton is seeking out concerned parents who feel passionately enough about violent games to come and speak at fundraising events press conferences. We are confident that both sides -- the pro-tax and anti-gamers -- will be represented.

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Sphinx5408d ago

cuz her hubby would rather have a chubby secretary... leave videogames alone! You know there are politicians trying to tax soda, too.

Dick Jones5408d ago

No sin tax on porno but for videogames its okay. Actually I probally shouldn't give her any ideas.

Cyclonus5408d ago

god, I hate that b1tch.

CAPS LOCK5408d ago

wtf those games are rated for adults, if parents buy their children that they cannot complain about it.

i think she is the same person who wanted to put tax on world of warcraft i saw it somewhere in the news that there are so many people buying and trading on WOW and if there where tax the govermont would make money...sorry i dont have a link but i think its on this website:

highps35408d ago

When did playing video games become a bad thing? A tax on video games I think we already pay tax and tax and more tax, and the tax on top of that tax.

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