ZTGD: Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: Two genres that don't normally mix together have finally come into contact with each other in THQ's latest effort. Metro 2033 is a pretty standard FPS game that blends a unique setting with survival horror aspects to create an experience certainly feels fresh. Developer 4A Games has crafted a world that is not only believable, but also extremely fun to explore the lore behind. Unfortunately a few hiccups along the way mar an otherwise incredible journey; still if you have the patience to endure its faults, Metro 2033 is one of the more immersive and innovative titles to come along this generation.

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maniacmayhem3496d ago

Good score, can't wait to play it.


I'm definitely in love with this game and this was a pretty good review...

Spiderman3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Can anyone tell me why most reviewers are giving it a 7-8 ?? All seem to talk very positivly about it, but then give it a 7 or an 8, with just giving generic negative points.

What are these glitches etc ? And do they appear on the PC version.

120FPS3496d ago

I think an 8 is a perfect score for this game, a bit more polish and multiplayer could have made this game AAA

But with little to zero hype it aint so bad

maniacmayhem3496d ago

How do you know that this isn't 4A Games AAA project?

edhe3496d ago

Games don't need multiplayer to be better.

Excalibur3496d ago

I say so far the game is between an 8 and 9

Phi395823496d ago

I too think that an 8 is a perfect score.....some douche from "the onion" scored it a 4/10.....besides that I must say that all of the Metacritic reviewers have done well on this one.

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