AATG: God of War 3 Review #2

AATG writes: "Let me make one thing abundantly clear from the outset, I am an xbox man. I could go into a whole diatribe of why I personally think that Microsofts offering is better than Nintendos or Sonys, but this isn't the place. What I will say is this; I purchased a Playstation 3 for two reasons, and two reasons alone. Firstly, it's a good blu-ray player. Secondly, God of War 3. I've not been disappointed with the former, and now that the latter is here, well... it was worth the wait. Oh boy was it."

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raztad3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Kratos is a moth*f*r sick dude. I'm starting to want somebody put this psychopath out of his misery. Playing game on Titan. I agree with this review and its score. Best game ever for me.


Hey man. Almost there. I had a hard time with certain animal with many legs :) I'm on track again.

RadientFlux3496d ago

Great game, though for me it was a rental. While I like the "God of War" series, I've never played any of the games more than once.

deadreckoning6663496d ago

I agree with that. Its was an excellent action packed experience and there really any dull moments, but I thk i should have rented it. Once I beat it, I'm trading it for Yakuza 3.

raztad3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I never rent quality games. Devels deserve to be rewarded for their effort and I love to replay my games as many times I want, any time I want.

As soon as I beat GoW3, I'm back to MAG and my backlog of unfinished games. However I'll be replaying the whole trilogy again when I feel like it. A game like GoW3 is a keeper for me.


this is a game that deserves a space on your games shelf. I know that the poeple who are trading it are not the GOW fans. I have all the GOW games on my shelve. I have GOW 1 and 2 on PS2, Chains of Olympus on PS3 and both the Collection and GOW 3 Ultimate Edition, so I am a GOW fan and I believe number 3 is the best. Its also the best game overall 4 me so far this year. Yes and dont bring ME2 as my experience with it is not what I expected. Ater I finished with it Im going to try Metro 2033 to see what the fuss by 360 fanboys is all about.

Also the people complaining that GOW3 is just a mere 8 to 10 hour long seems to be one of two: newcomers to the series or just 360 fanboys. Neither GOW had lasted more than 10 hours and we the fans and people who love games had replayed them to death. So 360 fanboys just stop and open your eyes to apreciate the best graphics a console has brought you.



anybody else thought the sound effects where a little underwhelming at times.I'm guessing it's due to being played on a 5.1 system when the game is 7.1.When I play it through my astro a40's,it sounds better,but I can still tell I'm missing some effects.