Does Heavy Discounting of Xbox Spring Bundle Mean New Console Announcement on the Way?

While rumors about Xbox 360 Slim are still just rumors we can at least say that Microsoft is actively trying to sell as many old Xbox 360s as possible, possibly in preparation for announcement of a new console. For example, even the brand new 2010 Xbox 360 Spring Bundle with Forza 3 and Halo 3 ODST is already being offered with $50 gift card at both Amazon and Best Buy. The older bundles, even with far inferior games, took much longer time in order to get discounted. Maybe the big announcement is not too far way?

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GR8 13492d ago

It's all good in the end consumer wins by purchasing a xbox360 High Definition Console for a low price even the poor ps3 owners could afford to jump in now.

rucky3492d ago

Right now, I rather just buy more PS3 games.

-Alpha3492d ago

Here in Canada Arcade's were cut to $120 for about a week and a half.

With the rumors about a Slim (despite no solid evidence) it's quite possible that there is at least a price drop coming. If a price drop does come then alongside Halo Reach Microsoft is set to see a huge sales boost. I will definitely get a 360 this summer if a price drop is going to happen. For now I can't justify dropping another $400 for a console (Console + Online + Halo + Taxes= too much for me).

Rockox3492d ago

I know two people who bought 360s because of that price drop in Canada. I have no doubt MS was clearing out old stock and that there's a new something on the way (the Valhalla chip is still MIA).

megax83492d ago

Agree. Maybe it just Halo Reach but MS id definitely gearing up for something with these new incentives and bundles

FragGen3492d ago

If they have a slim they would have to change their retarded HDD setup/form factor if that's the case. Maybe they'll make it user upgradeable finally.

Hopefully it'll have a fan, too. ;)

Therealspy17763492d ago

a real news article on n4g. never thought i'd see the day. anyone else see the difference? this journalist took factual evidence and made reasonable speculation based on that evidence.

anyway, seems likely that they're going to announce a new sku of some kind. then again, with Halo Reach on the way, and the massive profits bound to follow, it would make sense that MS would want to dramatically increase the install base. could be both. E3 isn't far off.

-Alpha3492d ago

Oh, upgradeable HDDs do exist-- they are just controlled by MS and are ridiculously priced. I almost flipped out once I realized that a 60 GB starter pack with a cheap headset was going to cost me $108.

I was going to take the Arcade deal, but the stores I went to had them all sold out. I think I'm better off waiting for this impending announcement. MS definitely has a sales trick up their sleeve.

OpenGL3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Yeah, it is a shame too. I already have a 120GB hard drive on my Elite so I'm not exactly pressed for space, but I recently purchased a 500GB 7200RPM drive to replace the old 200GB in my PS3 for only $90 shipped. It makes me hope that Microsoft will eventually follow suit and allow users to install any 3rd party SATA hard drive.

Convas3492d ago

and I've used less than 30 percent of the available space on it. Regardless, if these Xbox 360 Lite (Let's not set the Sony Phans off)/Reduced Pricing Plans/Natal Bundles, then I'll definitely upgrade!

Can't wait for E3. It's a good year to be a gamer!

Anon19743492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Who knows what's really going on. Could be a slim 360, might just be slapping a bigger hard drive on. Time will tell. Looking at their financials though there hasn't been the surge in spending in the Entertainment Division that would indicate that they've been developing new hardware. If anything, they laid off thousands in the Xbox division and slashed their marketing spending by almost $100 million. From their quarterly updates, they seem to be gearing the Xbox division down a bit, not ramping things up. When Sony was working on the PS3 slim we saw the drain on the financial statements, heard about the big part orders. This isn't happening with Microsoft at the moment.

DemiT3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

There is no real solid evidence that there is a xbox slim being released.

However, as I recall, the ps3 had substantial pricedrops and shortages on its fat sku, before we saw the slim release.
If we start seeing clearance sales and shortages of existing 360 skus, then the rumor of a slim 360 may hold water, especially if those clearance sales appear near the release of Project Natal.

The introduction of a xbox slim would be a smart move by MS that could once again shift the worldwide sales balance in favour of the 360.

AAACE53491d ago

You know, i've been doing a lot of thinking about how this gen has been going and came up with some ideas that some might not agree with but could still be possible.

It seems like MS, Sony and Nindendo are training us to get the most up to date versions of their products. Every time a bigger HDD comes out, we go out and get a new console (well, some of us anyway).

Anyway, thinking about that and the fact that MS said the 360 will be around for a while makes me wonder if a PC or DS type of situation is about to occur.

Look at it this way... MS could release an Xbox 360 slim with 1 Gb of RAM and a Blu-ray drive installed and it wouldn't interfere with the way things are done too much. You would still be able to play your old and some future games and that would give people time to upgrade by the time most of the games are on Blu-ray.

I highly doubt that would happen, but i'm just wondering how far can things go. Nintendo did it with the DSi, which was a bit more powerful than the regular DS and said that games taking advantage of the DSi's extra power and features would arrive later but I gave up on the DSi a while ago so i'll never know. Sony decided to make the Ps3 complicated to design games on so that the more developers figure it out, the better the games will look over time which will keep things fresh. You've gotta admit that Ps3 games now look much better than they did in it's first year. Just look at the difference between Uncharted 1 and 2!

Anyway, I do get a feeling they will announce a 360 slim at E3. I wonder how many weeks it will be before we see the "LEAKED" ;) pictures of the slim? If I am correct, they are pretty much on time with the leaked Ps3 situation we had last year. I bet next year we get the leaked pictures of the Nintendo Wii micro, which is basically like a portable CD player.

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ASSASSYN 36o3492d ago

I hope a new console is on the way!

-MD-3492d ago

I'm really hoping those 360 slim/price drop rumors are true.

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