PlayStation LifeStyle's Ultimate Auction for Charity

PlayStation LifeStyle is proud to present the 'Ultimate' auction for charity. Up for auction is a copy of God of War III: Ultimate Edition and an autographed poster, signed by the game's director, Stig Asmussen, along with many other talented folks at Sony Santa Monica Studios. 100% of all proceeds go to PlayStation LifeStyle's charity of choice.

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Sev3497d ago

Please no bad mouthing the site or anything involving the auction.

This is for charity and charity alone. I'm trying to raise as much money as possible for this charity that is dear to me.

poontab3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

That doesn't mean it needs to be on N4G. I know it'll get approved, your all PSLS editors who "self approve" and "self promote". Oh I know, I'll go find my PSX copies of Tomba and Suikoden II with official guide and that'll raise $700. Maybe throw in my entire library of Saturn Working Designs games. Then I'll post my ebay listing on N4G because it has video games in it, right? Oh yeah you guys most likely use the guise of charity making it ok to post this crap.

Sev3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Way to support our charity!

I hope you are really proud of yourself. You can hate the site all you want, or hate us all you want. This is charity. How could you possibly hate charity?

You make me sick.

3497d ago
poontab3497d ago

there you go hiding behind the, "but it's for charity", which is fine, but I'll just counter, "doesn't mean it's news".

Teddybee3497d ago

I think its newsworthy, considering there is a signed piece of artwork. I really want one of those, yet sadly don't have the cash

Jdash243497d ago


you're so right, god of war ultimate edition and poster signed by the game creators themselves being sold for charity is completely not newsworthy



I hope you raise plenty for your charity :)

Kevin ButIer3497d ago

Sorry Sev, could you lend me some money? Please...

syanara3496d ago

hey I was looking at the comments for your charity and I think you should cut that one guy some slack I mean he is right it's technically not something you put on N4G but then again there is alot of stuff that shouldn't be on N4G to begin with but all im saying is that I think you have enough people on your website to support your charity. but he is right though, this is technically not N4G material.

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Bnet3433497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Nice Sev. Never forgetting about the less fortunate. I don't see gaming websites like IGN doing this, but they should.

You serious? Who didn't donate to Haiti? Come on man, EVEN I DONATED MONEY. That's nothing. Everyone donated to that because it was on TV and they gave you numbers to call, etc. Weak argument. Since when has IGN on their own time donated something to charity? I never seen articles of any of that front them. And don't tell me to read IGN, that website has spiraled downhill for a while now.

poontab3497d ago

Maybe you should read IGN every now and then. Didn't they just raise around 100k for Haiti.

DoucheVader3497d ago

Its a good thing all around, most of your major players out there do some kind of charity work on occasion.

decimalator3497d ago

And yeah... giving to a charity that is in vogue at the moment does not make you philanthropic. But yes, IGN and SCEA teamed up for a Haiti charity event.

Does that mean that other sites aren't allowed to promote a charity that is important to them? I say that anything that raises awareness is a good thing, even on N4G.

poontab3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Hey, all I'm saying is you could throw that Pandora collectors edition in an oven to see what it looks like when it melts and it would be more relevant. But charity's not what this is about, it's about Sev and PSLS, self promotion. Sev if I'm sick I and your not, I don't want the cure.

Arksine3497d ago

If you were on fire I don't think Sev would piss on you to put it out. If you don't like PSLS, then stop clicking on the articles. Simple enough, eh? Just because YOU don't think this is newsworthy does not mean that it isn't. I definitely think an GOW:UE signed by Stig is newsworthy enough.

poontab3497d ago

Yeah your right, I should have learned a long time ago that PSLS NEWZ is either reworded from other sites for plagiarism or completely irrelevant. I have a PS and I don't think my lifestyles that boring. You're wrong on one thing though, someone writing their name down, and someone else selling it on their fansite, and that same someone submitting to N4G so they can pull hits, is not news, that's not even charity. So, don't be a tool.

DoucheVader3497d ago

News flash for you PoonTab... NO ONE OWNS THE NEWS.

PlayStation LifeStyle is free to comment on ANYTHING and cover ANY event they want. It's called America - Freedom of the Press!

And N4G would not thrive without it. So now you look insensitive and stupid.

Care to go for a 3rd category?

xTruthx3497d ago

Im sorry but poon I wish I could call you a RETARD and get away with it but I cant so I'm not gonna say it

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DoucheVader3497d ago

Think of it as Gaming for Goodness! :)

decimalator3497d ago

God of War == deity murder simulator

doctorstrange3497d ago

What's better than a limited edition GOW Ultimate edition and a God of War III poster signed by the dev team?

Knowing that all the money goes to a good cause.

unrealgamer583497d ago

lol who would bad mouth you?

then again you are on n4g............. well I wish you luck my friend.


doctorstrange3497d ago

Good luck indeed Sev, I hope that PSLS can raise a lot for charity, I really support this endeavour

ftwrthtx3497d ago

for trying to raise money for a worthy cause.

The signed poster really makes this the Ultimate Edition

doctorstrange3497d ago

You can't get more ultimate than the Stig himself

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