PS2 Shooter Revealed For PS3, PSP By ESRB

CC: A few days ago, we brought you the news that a PS2 shooter could make a triumphant comeback on the PlayStation 3. Today though, the ESRB have rated what we believe could be that game.

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mjolliffe3497d ago

I can't really remember this one... but it was a military simulator apparently :)

young juice3497d ago

urban warfare..... never heard of it, i wonder whos gonna make it?.?.?.

SullyDrake3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Ouch. Hopefully the new PS3 game will be a dramatic makeover.

captain-obvious3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

yah i remember the black hawk down one
its a really great games you guys
i'll keep an eye on this

@ above
58 ?? really ??
wow lol
i actually liked this game

Bnet3433497d ago

Delta Force was basically the MAG of last generation. So expect that sort of game.

mjolliffe3497d ago

You need to read which Metacritic profile you're looking at, the one you linked to is Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

Delta Force: Urban Warfare has a score of 70 -

OhReginald3497d ago

Its a PS1 game that can be played on the psp and ps3.

sinncross3497d ago

So this is a PS1 classic or something?

Cant believe the magazine made it sound so grand...

sikbeta3497d ago

Delta Force: Urban Warfare

raztad3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


Is Delta Force:Black Hawk Down == Delta force: Urban Warfare?


I dont undertand the MAG reference.

I played a bit of DF:BHD on the PC. It got 77/100 on meta. Fun game. When I finally tried COD4 some months ago it felt like a DF:BHD theme rip-off with R6: Raven Shield gameplay.

I'm not sure this is the famous PS2 shooter in its way to the PS3. It was a multiplat game back in 2005.

EDIT: Reading above comments is clear DF:BHD =/= DF:UW. Urban Warfare is a PSX classic game and makes sense its being prepped for a PSN release as a PSP/PS3 classic. Nothing to be excited about.

vhero3497d ago

this isn't it Theme park is under it its on ERSB because its no doubt coming to PSN for download that's why its listed for PSP too. It will be the PS1 version.

Hellsvacancy3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Not another shooter, u know wot ive been playin lately? thats right, ive been playin Jungle Strike(Mega Drive emulator) its a fab game, y cant they do a next gen game of that? but noooo, we get another Modern Warfare wannabe

Timesplitter143497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

This game is bound to end up at 6/10.

I remember Delta Force for the PC, but it looks like the PS2 version wasn't good enough to reach our ears

and, well... it's another generic modern warfare game

va_bank3497d ago

Oh man, I remember that! I still have the Genesis cartridge. It was the first game I played that allowed save files - took me a while to grasp that concept :)))) It was about 5 years before I got my first PC.

There's lot's of classic games that need to be remade - Road Rash, Shinobi (Most underrated game on PS2 ever), Carmageddon 2000, list goes on.

TOO PAWNED3497d ago

It's PSN classic, you clowns (some of you)

evrfighter3497d ago

didn't even know they had a delta force on the console.

it was a good game on the pc I really did enjoy it. But back then you had it trying to compete with CS, Quake and Unreal.

It was like sticking a solid nba player in a game of legends like Jordan, Bird, and Dr. J

SpaceSquirrel3497d ago

I was hoping for TimeSplitters 4 =[

callahan093497d ago

This is most definitely NOT the game. The original statement is that a big shooter from the PS2 is going to have a comeback on the PS3, implying a sequel or remake I would guess.

Delta Force: Urban Warfare was, first of all, a PSone game, not a PS2 game, and this PS3/PSP rating from the ESRB is for this game to be released as a PSone classic on PSN.

So, no, this is definitely not the PS2 shooter that was being referred to.

Beast_Master3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Not only is this a PS1 classic it is also not been confirmed to be the game that OPM was hinting at. Some think it is the already annouced Socom 4. Why would Sony register a pre-alpha built, unnannouced PS3 game to the ESRB? DUUHH, so no this isn't the game... clowns. (Who wrote this and approved this)

arny3497d ago

i was hoping for something better I hate this game

Bnet3433497d ago

The MAG reference I made was that MAG for a console game had 256 players online which is the biggest this gen. Last generation, Delta Force Black Hawk Down supported 50 players online, which was the biggest for any console game last gen. BTW this is just going to be a PS1 classic on PSN, this is no remake or new game for PS3 or PSP.

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kidnplay3497d ago

Oooh, Delta Force! Wow! I... have never heard of it. Sure it'll be fantastic though, and a very nice find :]

maniactadpole3497d ago

I also wish that Syphon Filter comes out for the PS3 !

scruffy_bear3497d ago

Was hoping for Syphon Filter

sikbeta3497d ago

Same here, but I'm sure at some point it'll be SF for PS3

scruffy_bear3497d ago

I say we see Syphon Filter at E3

andrewlee3497d ago

Most probably this Delta Force game is just a PSN classic, so its possible that Syphon Filter is the game in question.

morganfell3496d ago

It isn't DF Urban Warfare although that game on the PS1 was far different from other DF titles. More like a solo Rainbow 6. I have it here on my desk.

And it isn't Syphon Filter unless someone is full of crap. Syphon Filter was never a big shooter on the PS2. Omega Strain was not successful on the PS2 (they went away from the forumla. Syphon Filter was big on the PS1.

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St03497d ago

So if I search for a game that's not out yet but is shown on this site, then it is coming out?

If that's the case, it looks like a new Destruction Derby game made by SCEA is coming to PS3!!!!!

mjolliffe3497d ago

If it's rated by the ESRB, then it is almost definite to be released in the future...

St03497d ago

Awesome, I hope it gets shown at E3 this year!

St03497d ago

Oh wait, I just had a horrible thought, I think it's just the first Destruction Derby that you can download from the PSN Store.

Doh!!, was getting all excited as well lol

kevco333497d ago

I remember Delta Force... not particularly bothered, to be honest.