GamesRadar | Old school gaming features we'd love to see return

OK, so this isn't exactly groundbreaking news but it does make GamesRadar think of the good old days of gaming. When devs were more concerned about delivering a fun affair than how many realistic chickens they could crowbar into a game. Especially when you consider that most racing games like Dirt 2 and Burnout Paradise don't have one, you could say that split-screen is deemed an archaic feature by current developers. Still, that doesn't stop folk demanding the return of old s**t.

Remember the furore over SixAxis not having rumble? One minute rumble was being labelled as a last-gen function only for Sony to stick it into DualShock 3. If there's enough demand then things can change mighty quickly. So here's a list of old-school features that Games Radar would love to see the return of on next-gen consoles...

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