PSi: MLB 10 The Show Review

PSi writes: "ooking as outstanding as ever, Sony's MLB 10 The Show is a beautiful piece of eye candy when it comes to player models. Not only do they visually look great -- with outstanding textures and lighting -- but the animations are hands-down impressive and knock the competition out of the water. The smooth transitions between motion captured animations drive realism home in this title. The stadiums are also looking good, but admittedly feel a little flat when directly compared to those of rival 2K Sports' MLB 2K10. Still, there are times when, at a quick glance, you'd swear the television was broadcasting a real game, rather than it showing images generated by a game system. The unfortunate oversight that the developers had, however, is that when played on a non-widescreen TV, some of the camera angles for between-the-action scenes actually cut off the focal point at the edge of the screen and look horrible."

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Is this idiot playing the show a ps3 game on standard television .....LMAO

To all don't review games when your playing the game on a fkn standard television . Thats something a bot would do .