Star Wars: The Old Republic 3D Animations

BioWare has released a video showing the ongoing progression of SW:TOR. The short clip demonstrates a character using the iconic Force Lightning, to powerful effect.

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thetamer3499d ago

When are they going to release this already?!?!

Maticus3499d ago

There's still another whole year to go....

Leord3499d ago

Haha, force lightning. So unfair it's a dark gift! :P

Dorjan3499d ago

too much lightning...

Leord3499d ago

I'm slightly disappointed with the animations to be honest. More particle effects plx :P

Cogo3499d ago

Yeah, and what's up with the red tint? SW VI fans know it's supposed to be blueish :P

1ThorsHammer3499d ago

I am not much of an MMO fan, but these screenshots look awesome!

smilydude133499d ago

Purple lightning? Why is it that everything they do ruins the great Old Republic art style?

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