Gamestop Sells Free Monster Hunter Demo

It seems Gamestop doesn't know the meaning of the word "free". Many excited Monster Hunter fans have written in to let us know that upon asking for a free Monster Hunter Tri demo, they were forced to pre-order the final game, and pony up $5 in order to receive the demo.

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bgrundman3495d ago

Why am I not shocked by behavior like this at all?

poontab3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

its because we've been desensitized to greed.

luisfcardenasv3494d ago

game stop in white plains ,new york is doing it

s8anicslayer3495d ago

I was reserving god of war 3 2 weeks ago when I noticed the Tri Demo on top of the check out counter and just took one unkowingly you had to reserve the game to get one..Oh well! the clek saw me and said nothing.

BeaArthur3495d ago

So you have to pay $5 to pre-order the game and then you get the demo? This guy does realize that they have been doing this for years, right?

roblef3495d ago

That doesn't make it right, nor does it make it "lame" to report on it.

whatthegeek3495d ago

The point here isn't that Gamestop has done this in the past, the point is that Capcom intended the demo to be freely available, meaning, walk in, grab the demo, walk out - no hassle, no pre-order. Monster Hunter doesn't perform well in the west, and Capcom is trying to generate hype over the new game. Gamestop is completely overlooking Capcom's intentions here, and using the demo to leverage sales. In other words, yes, it is news.

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The story is too old to be commented.