BioWare Unveils New Recruit In Mass Effect 2

XXLGaming writes, "In a press release sent out by EA today, new screenshots and information was revealed about the upcoming Kasumi DLC for Mass Effect 2. Be sure to check out the 5 new screenshots at the end of the article as well."

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BeaArthur3493d ago

I think $7 is a bit much for an hour and a half of gameplay but I'll end up picking it up anyways.

van-essa3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I never buy DLCs. I'll just wait for the "Game of the Year Edition" and buy the whole game for cheap.
I loved Mass Effect and all but I can't stand this gen and their DLC policies.

BeaArthur3493d ago

Yeah it does suck, but I still love playing the game so I will just bend over and take it.

van-essa3493d ago

You shouldn't mate, don't let them win. It's really annoying having to pay for what we use to get for free (by beating the game, typing a code etc).

Solidus187-SCMilk3493d ago

but is sure will DL all the free DLC that bioware is giving out on cereberus network since I bought my copy new.

R6ex3493d ago

With BFBC2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, FFXIII available for play, I've already forgotten about ME2. Just wish they had all these DLCs within a week of release of the game, so we can just continue on with it after beating the main game within a week of launch. I just don't feel like going back anymore.

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Allowen3493d ago

Maybe there is way to have a romance with this new character.

unknownhero11233493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

you interact with her like you interact with zaeed with his "trophies" but instead of trophies it's paintings. from the IGN article:
"she'll take up residence on your ship. You can walk into her room, examine all the cool paintings she has on the wall, and fix yourself a drink at the bar. Like Zaeed, another added character through downloadable content, you can't actually engage in full conversation with her, she just talks at you as you wander around her room."

in othe words, a romance with her is most likely impossible

Myst3493d ago

Ah, that kind of sucks, but she still seems like a worthwhile character to have.

Myst3493d ago

May get this, but rather unsure about it. I mean BioWare did give us quite a few free DLC stuff, so I could definitely see myself getting this.

Just need to know her abilities and such first.

3493d ago