ZTGD: Perfect Dark Xbox 360 Review

Scorched Angel Writes: Nostalgia is everything in this business. It is really one of the foundations that keep the video game industry going. Perfect Dark is a prime example of that. For months, fans of one of the original first person shooter were clamoring for this remake. They kept asking when it was coming out, and wanted to see what Rare would do, and if they would mess it up. Well, I can say with great confidence that they have not messed it up. It still proves that Rare was able to make outstanding shooters back in the day, and this one especially, is bursting at the seams with nostalgia.

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2FootYard3492d ago

Poor Xbots stuck playing games from 1987. I on the other hand have gotten to play through Heavy Rain and God of War III seventeen times.

Gamer7l3492d ago

...stuck making irrelevant comments in the OPEN zone, because he's too immature to hang out in the Gamer zone. :)

wwm0nkey3492d ago

Too bad the game came out in 2000 you idiot

AliTheBrit193492d ago

Wow you poor thing

so you clearly have no other games to play than those 2 and have no life either.


SnuggleBandit3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

lol funny how ali was just begging for ghost to give him bubbles in this article

2FootYard3492d ago

I know right? The f*** is up with that? The British Pig was all up on my junk now hes acting like a spoiled little hoe.

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FragMnTagM3492d ago

Anyone wanting to play, XBOX tag: Gota Killem All
PSN: FragMnTagM

Gamer7l3492d ago

The only "Cons" were "no checkpoints" and "vague objectives".....which were aspects of of the ORIGINAL GAME. He also seems to think Rare did the HD re-release....even though they had 4J as the Dev in their Review header. The game deserves higher marks than it got 10 years ago...which would be ALOT more than the 8.3 given here. When PD came out on N64, it was getting 9+/10 across the board; this deserves NO LESS than that.

Eiffel3492d ago

I wouldn't call him an idiot for that..

wwm0nkey3492d ago

This game has aged greatly, the online is just so much fun on this game, its old school arcade fun. Haven't had a similar experience in awhile with current gen games.

nygamer283492d ago

this game is great 10 years ago and today......i jus hope they do an udate t the game,im tired of gettin discounted from almost every online game i join

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