The Sun run story claiming games make us 'violent' and 'depressed'

PS3 Attitude writes: "The Sun, Britain's top-selling newspaper, is running an article which has psychologist Steve Pope claiming that games are 'addictive', cause 'depression' and are one of the main reasons why 'we are getting more violent'."

PS3 Attitude also discuss CVG editor Tim Ingham's valiant attempts to fight the industry's corner on The Alan Titchmarsh Show,

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Anon19743497d ago

First it was comics corrupting our youth, making everything go to hell. Then it was the Beatles and rock music, then saturday morning cartoons, then Heavy Metal, then rap music, movies...on and on it goes. Videogames are just the latest scapegoat.

When will they learn it's really all due to my lord and master, SATAN!
...oh, and sugary drinks.

pwneddemocrat3496d ago

Hell yea.
finally after 2010 years they can blame violence on something besides the human nature.
yea, games create violence because in the old days, there were no fights or wars or any violent things, just happy guys running in a field of roses

as i said before, these guys really underestimate gamers, didn't their studies proven that gamers are more intelligent, when will they use good arguments. geeh

seanoc3496d ago

Mary Whitehouse would be in her element if she was still around.