Video games "promote hatred, racism and sexism" apparently…

The Lost Gamer writes "In what is sure to add further fuel to the fire, last Friday's "The Alan Titchmarsh Show" on ITV hosted a debate on the portrayal of violence within video games ahead of the BAFTA event."

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Xof3496d ago

Gaming is turning into Abortion and Gay Rights--an issue no one can speak about without foaming at the mouth and taking an extreme stance.

I won't dignify this circus show by approaching it directly, but I will say one thing: gaming, along with contemporary film, television, music and literature, perpetuates the culture of violence we have here in the West. Sexism and racism are inherent to that culture of violence. It's fine to point at the culture of violence and call it a problem, to clamor for a solution--it is not okay to single out a single aspect of the media and attribute it with sole responsibility. That's immature hate-mongering... which further perpetuates the darker side of modern culture.

The sideshow in DC yesterday should be ample evidence of that.

Karum3496d ago

I'd have loved to have been in Tim Ingham's place because that woman on the show was so clearly ignorant and uninformed that picking holes in her every argument would have been easy. That former editor of The Sun was also incredibly clueless on the subject as was the host.

Simply embarrassing for ITV.

TheTwelve3496d ago

...and movies don't? Books don't?