GTX 480 benchmarked

The weeks leading up to a major technology launch are always going to be riddled with Internet leaks, and the upcoming introduction of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 graphics card - codenamed Fermi - is no exception

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ProjectVulcan3497d ago

Massively fast in far cry 2 compared to the radeons if true. Slightly better minimum in Dirt 2 with a larger gap comparing averages would suggest immature drivers but a lot of brute performance

Chris_TC3497d ago

The speed-ups in percentages are:

Dirt 2 = +22%
Far Cry 2, 1050p = +44%
Far Cry 2, 1200p = +39%
Far Cry 2, 1600p = +33%

evrfighter3497d ago

People still on the fence are only interested in BC2 and Crysis benchmarks.

It's interesting that someone decided to do a farcry2 bench on a fermi.

Cherry picked?

TheIneffableBob3497d ago

Yeah, Far Cry 2 does seem to have been cherry picked for this benchmark as NVIDIA engineers helped optimize the game, but DiRT 2 is more of an ATI game.

champ213497d ago

Too early to tell since its only 2 games benchmarked. though will be intestesting to see what happens to the prices of other gpus when these are out, either way its a win win situation for the customers.

TABSF3497d ago

This is good to see from the benches I have seen for china GTX 480 looked lame

JoelR3497d ago

why did they pick the 5870 to test against Nvidia's flagship card?
should they not have used the 5970?

champ213497d ago

yep the 5970 is only slightly more expensive, wait for the reviews everything will be compared.

TABSF3497d ago

Well the 5970 has 2 GPUs

So its the right test IMHO

GTX 480 single GPU
HD 5870 single GPU

champ213497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Be it the 5970 or the 480gtx both are overkills for todays gaming.

Though i would like to see 5970 with more then 1gb memory of memory. 5970 is a beast and can easily power 3 monitors on its own for eyefinity. However the 1gb(per gpu) memory holds it back from doing AA at such insane resolutions 5760*1080p.

catguykyou3497d ago

Because they needed to release benchmarks that show it is better. I have a feeling if they compared it to the 5970 they would of been too similar.

rexus123453497d ago

480 is the single GPU version, NVIDIA will most likely also release the double GPU equivalent (probably designated 490 series)

champ213497d ago

the ATX spec will be a limitation. they need to rewrite it if we are gonna continue to see more powerful dual gpu solutions.

hoops3497d ago

Because the 5970 most likely will be faster, use the same if not less power and by the time the 480GTX is released, ATI will lower the price of the 5970 even lower then the 480GTX.
The problem they are saying is the 480 even though id a single GPU, uses the same power output as ATI's Dual solution. That's not good because if we are going to see dual Fermi, the power specs for that will be off the scale.

OpenGL3497d ago

The GTX 480 is closer to the Radeon 5970 when talking about power requirements.

Kakkoii3497d ago

GTX 480 = 250w
HD 5970 = 300w
HD 5870 = 188w

All that matters is the performance, as long as it's under 300w. Electricity is pretty cheap, it shouldn't be the deciding factor on your choice. It's a difference less than an extra light on in your house. And that's only if you had your GPU on full load as much as a light would be on lol.

Btw, there is going to be a 512 shader version later once TSMC improves yields. So for those of your looking for top performance, you might still want to hold out a little longer.

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Perkel3497d ago

yep bought benchmark. Stil it isn't released and they don't compare it to 5970...

in short time there will be 6xxx series...

nvidia failed so much this gen ..

Kakkoii3496d ago

You wanna now why they don't compare it to the 5970? Because the 5970 is a DUAL GPU card. Whereas the 480/470 is a single GPU card.

And actually no, ATI's 6000 series won't be out until early 2011. ATI will first do a refresh of this series, and later again under 28nm which will probably be called the 6000 series, but won't be anything new, just more cores. The actual new architecture from ATI isn't coming until sometime in 2011.

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