Starcraft II Awesome Sentry + Stalker Combo Attack Video

Blizzard spotlighted a gameplay video of a Protoss player who used a Stalker and Sentry combo strategy to annihilate its Zerg opponent at a point where it looked like the Zerg player had the upper hand amassing a huge army of Roaches and Mutalisks. The strategy used? Force Fields to block the Roaches from reaching the Protoss forces, while the Sentries wiped the Mutalisks off the sky.

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Cogo3502d ago

So, it's proven that micro skills can easily win macro skills...

t8503502d ago

this is what love about blizzard games the skill lvl required to be a pro is very high.

TheSadTruth3502d ago

I am going to post this in every IncGamers thread

Bandreus3502d ago

really cool and effective use of force field there ;)

Leord3502d ago

Haha, that force field is so annoying when used right against you!

Cogo3502d ago

Have people noticed you can "squash" smaller units with the force field, if you target them?

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The story is too old to be commented.