God Of War Man

To celebrate the launch of a certain God of War III, one Brazilian has decided to paint himself up as that man Kratos and to be honest he does look rather convincing don't you think?



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GR8 13501d ago

What a JOKE that is so pathetic know wonder ps3 owners are laughed at.

2FootYard3501d ago

Aren't those PS3 owners f***ing creepy? I heard they all paint themselves like that when playing GoW.

Nitrowolf23501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

what could be more pathetic then this.
and just like him MGR you will never get laid

FLAMES_1873501d ago


blasian3501d ago

man nitro u didnt have to show what gr8 1 does in his free time

Lekumkee3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

GR8 1 is the Halo kid and Ghost-Mutation is his buddy holding the camera and I'm sure GiantEnemyCrab is playing Cortana waiting to get rescued somewhere in that forest, they just haven't uploaded the video yet. This epic mini series would be named Gaylo: Reach(around), stay tuned...

Nitrowolf23501d ago

it was the perfect opportunity

TheOutsider3501d ago

This is what happened when they fu*ked with a PS3 owner! ha ha...

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Parapraxis3501d ago

Aside from a bit too much lipstick (lol) that is one mighty impressive paint-job.

zeeshan3500d ago

Hahaha! That was awesome! We should have had a lot of those here in the US as well. His entrance was kinda great but when they handed him the blades, well, that wasn't really GOW kinda thing. It was pretty lame. If only they had strapped those fake blades to his bake so he could pull them out and then perhaps he should have shouted something like "THERE WILL BE CHAOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS!!!&q uot; That would have made the crowd go crazy and wild. Literally chaos drived out of excitement!!

FragGen3500d ago

The airbrushing on his skin to make him look more muscular looks retarded.

maniactadpole3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

He DOES actually look like Kratos !!!....Ladies and gentleman we have found a guy who can play kratos in a gow movie !!!

UltraNova3500d ago

Why do people insist on vin diesel playing kratos I do not understand...

I mean Vin needs to gain at least 10-15kg of pure muscle (trust me its hard!) just to be on par with kratos size and shape.

The only guy who can be compared with kratos was Arnold back in the day (yes kratos is that big!). I m not saying we need a huge guy like that but at least someone like Gerald battler to play Kratos.

Nitrowolf23501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

that's very impressive actually

Nitrowolf23501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

at least when you compare this GOW costume to that
This guy actually painted himself got an actually kilt thing, and has actually painted in the muscels
what did halo kid do?
cardboard, cheap plastic, and the best thing in the world

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The story is too old to be commented.