CNN recommends buying Starcraft II

Topher Kohan and Larry Frum from CNN played Starcraft II Beta and determined it is a great game with awesome graphics and environments, offering extra tactical strategies. Their verdict was they recommend gamers to buy Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

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Medievaldragon3494d ago

They sound a bit new to the game, but they have played the beta like anyone else, and liked what they saw. Coming from CNN, it's surprising they are cheerleading their audience to buy Starcraft II.

Leord3494d ago

Let's not kid ourselves - they sound VERY new to the game!

Bandreus3494d ago

Yeah, I didn't expect this coming. Not now in the development process at least, I mean, that's very good from CNN to support this wonderful game prior to its launch ^_^

Cogo3494d ago

Nice they gave it so positive answers. Calling a review is kinda wrong though. If anything it's a PREVIEW of the BETA.

Still, was positive, so not really complaining.

t8503494d ago

lol whom in their right mind woould not want to buy SC2.

SC2 is a strong contender for GOTY.

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moondragon3494d ago

I just saw the video and it is good that other media is involved and say something about it.

Recka3494d ago

Awesome to see some good publicity for the game, It should boost what I already suspect will be epic sales

Leord3494d ago

“So called beta” lol.

I just watch this and laugh a little. Anything but “CNN quality imho”. But I suppose the webpage isn’t as professional as the actual news program.

Also, it kind of hit me just how elitist I see myself in this. They said balance was a major issue - lol. I mean, yeah, there are balance issues, but not a “major” issue. If they had problems winning, it was likely because the guy with beard “had played SC:BW” (like 1 time it sounded like) and his friend never played it at all.

I doubt they played and learned enough to even notice balance issues. If anything, it was a skill balance issue.

Maticus3494d ago

A bit more publicity for the game, all good ^ ^

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The story is too old to be commented.