Latest US Games Chart 1st of July 2007

The Darkness has a strong start on both PS3 and Xbox 360. List of top selling games for week ending 01st July 2007. Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 makes it to top 10 and the number one is Wii Pokemon.

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ichimaru5740d ago


Antan5740d ago

Maybe, just......maybe....people are still buying it? i could be wrong of course!.....j/k

timmyp535739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

edit:y do ppl disagree with me? there was no reason to disagree with my comment..

Kokoro5739d ago

RE:6 up there. Haven't tried the Darkness yet.

MK_Red5739d ago

Good to see a great new IP like The Darkness having such a strong start. Wow, its hard to believe new Harry Potter isn't among top 10.

Phantom_Lee5739d ago

I KNOW....I though kids would buy it like its Pokemon or something....

MK_Red5739d ago

True. And the stranger thing is that the PS3 version is higher than PS2 and 360 version. I expected the Wii version to at least make it to top ten.
I think when the actual movie comes next week, the sales of Harry Potter game will grow.

Odion5739d ago

i don't trust VG chartz anymore after their gross over estimation of the may numbers

ps3gogetitt5739d ago

No wonder so many developers are supporting the 360....that's a lot of games. Well Sony I will keep buying games to support you, be sure to hurry up and bring out those AAAs. I am waiting.....

Whoooop5739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

Despite the 360 fanbase being way bigger than the PS3 right now, The darkness (PS3) managed to sell half of the 360's amount.

IMO that is good.. mathematically speaking :P

shotty5739d ago

It has to do alot with the ps3 audience being more hardcore, as a result of the high price tag, the majority of ps3 owners are hardcore and tend to buy more games than the casual gamers. As a result a greater percentage of the ps3 install base bought The Darkness than the xbox 360 base since that market has part of the casual crowd mixed in. Like ps2 and xbox, the software sales at the time weren't that far off considering the ps2's install base is 4 times that of the xbox

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The story is too old to be commented.