Atomic Games Announces Breach

Atomic Games has announced the development of Breach for consoles and PC.

The game is a multiplayer shooter based on a branch of the CIA known as the Special Activities Division, which reportedly implements black ops and covert exercises. It's so covert, in fact, that some of the team have "security clearances."

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thetamer3496d ago

So no six days then...?

tdrules3496d ago

CIA: "Don't make a game about our war crimes in Fallujah, and you can make a game all about us and how awesome we are"
Atomic: "gee whizz SURE"

Maticus3496d ago

Oh wow lol, are all 'covert' teams selling out to games developers now?

Leord3496d ago

It sure looks like it! :)

Dorjan3496d ago

CIA game eh? A first for that isn't it?

Malfurion3496d ago

That actually sounds pretty sweet, look forward to hearing more about it.

Jeff2573496d ago

Lets just hope you dont need a security clearance to play it.

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