GDN: God of War III Review

GDN writes: "This game is, by far, the highest BPM (buttons per minute) of any game I've played in the last year. Because Kratos needs to wield his weapons in the fast-paced, frenetic finale to the God of War Trilogy. Vengeance requires a lot of buttons!

There is no tutorial, no respite and no quarter given. You begin the game on the back of the titan Gaia who is climbing Mt. Olympus to help you kill Zeus. Perhaps one of the coolest intros to a game ever."

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TOO PAWNED3500d ago

""This review is, by far, the highest BS (bull s..t per minute) of any review I've read in years."

talltony3500d ago

I dont understand how any reviewer can give a game as epic as this a 8.
9.5 to 10 atleast