OXCGN's Dante's Inferno Review – Is Hell bad, in a good way?

OXCGN Reviews: "Dante's Inferno is an arcade-style action game that works only because it doesn't take itself too seriously. I mean, one of the early enemy types is the unbaptised baby…

The game is loosely based off the first cantica of Dante Alighieri's epic poem The Divine Comedy, where the poet is escorted by the Roman poet Virgil through the nine circles of Hell.

The poem is an allegorical journey through the true nature of sin, populated by many historical figures and Alighieri's contemporaries.

As far as adapting a 689-year-old manuscript into a video game, Visceral Games did a great job while taking tremendous liberties."

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REALgamer3496d ago

I enjoyed Dante's Inferno, lots of 'kill enemies to unlock door' and restricted environments, but good combat system.

Just a warning though: play this BEFORE God of War 3 or you might not enjoy it as much, since truthfully GoW3 does raise the bar quite a bit.

gaminoz3496d ago

It was always going to be difficult to put out a God of War type game around the same time...but then not everyone has a PS3.

Godem3496d ago

God of War 3 filled my hack n slash need for a long time