Gamer Stabbed In the Head for Cheating at Counter Strike in China

GFB writes: "A gamer who was accused of cheating at a game of Counter Strike while playing in an internet cafe was stabbed in the head with a large knife in real-life by other gamers in the internet cafe. The incident took place in Jilin, China when players began suspecting the player of using a "wall hack" in the game."

*Via link is NSFW

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GunShotEddy3495d ago

It's a good thing these guys don't play Modern Warfare 2. They'd run out of knives with all the glitchers! lulz

Noctis Aftermath3495d ago

I thought you ran faster with the knife...

FishCake9T43495d ago

What the hell has this got to do with MW2. CS is actually a good game.
Thank God that guy is alive. Even so if they did think it was MW2 he would of never of been stabbed as the guy with the knife would of been lunging from 7 meters away thinking he had commando.

Kurylo3d3495d ago

i dont think id want to be alive after that... a knife through the brain.. think of how impared he will PROBABLY be in his life now.. i wonder if he can form complete sentences.. or even remember what a sentence is.

BattleAxe3495d ago

Hopefully the victim won't cheat anymore.

ikkokucrisis3495d ago

Lolz, you'd think that by now they'd be used to playing with wall haXorz in this game!

valanceer3495d ago

This game isn't dead yet?!?!? counter strike sucks and those chinese people are retarded....

Corepred43495d ago

cheaters deserve it, lol jk. sux that this guy got stabbed in the head but i know what that other guy felt like. i feel like stabbing people in the head too when someone cheats. at anything not just video games! lol.

fullmetal2973495d ago

lol, he must of had commander pro.

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SKUD3495d ago

Too bad that cheat doesn't work in real life.

BeaArthur3495d ago

Those people need some help. I mean obviously they need jail time but they also need help.

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The story is too old to be commented.