IncGamers: Lost Planet 2 Hands On

IncGamers' Martin Gaston gets some time with Lost Planet 2. This is an excerpt of what he had to say:

"To say that Capcom understand multiplayer would be something of an understatement: their Monster Hunter series is (probably) responsible for 16% of Japan's GDP, though its decidedly Eastern flavour - and fiddly controls - have yet to catch on in the West. Lost Planet 2, on the other hand, paints itself with an unmistakable Western twang from the get-go. It knows what Western games like, and it's going to give it to them alongside a bevy of mech suits and plenty of female characters with some very bouncy bazookas."

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thetamer3495d ago

I am not really that excited by this. It looks great, but it really doesn't appeal.

AndyA3495d ago

Loved the first one, it had some epic boss battles. Story was rubbish, though.

thetamer3495d ago

Love the idea of female bazookas though..

Maticus3495d ago

Sounds interesting actually, it's got my attention.

Leord3495d ago

Bouncy bazookas are always the best bazookas.

Elly3495d ago

There are a lot of good features in this game. Multiple piloted VSs, aggregate feature sound fun and the character physics.