540° - Video portal build for PS3 only

Take a look at the site via your PS3.

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MaximusPrime4308d ago

what does it do? what will it show?

MaximusPrime4308d ago

some idiot "disagreed" with my above comment.

He made me laugh.

ReconHope4308d ago

it probably will just be a site for trailers though.

SafeRat4308d ago

Just checked, contains trailers and a few other videos.

highps34308d ago

Being as most sits that have video arent supported if they could update it quick enough would be useful.

Decent interface still under contruction though.

Lord Anubis4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

ooooh, nice. I wonder if they will allow user uploaded videos. I still think there needs to be support for divx web player for the PS3 and support for

I just checked it out. Its pretty neat and show lots of promise and potential. Its kind of like a video RSS but stylish, also its a beta so there's a lot of features with a coming soon. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the videos to play :(.

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The story is too old to be commented.