BFBC 2 Kit DLC Delayed, But Coming Soon

RespawnAction: "Apparently DICE have been working on some new DLC for each class in the multiplayer, because according to a recent tweet they announced it is coming soon. Hopefully it comes soon after the next map pack, and hopefully not too far after."

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movements3494d ago

No need to rush, make it long and make it good.

respawnaction3494d ago

Lol, don't know how they can make a kit DLC long, but I got what you meant. Just take your time DICE.

-Alpha3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

It consists essentially of one skin for both weapon and player for each class and for each team (US/RUSSIA). Along with that includes trophies for each kit.

A bundle will exist.

What IS free though, are maps so long as you are a VIP member. The idea is that it doesn't segment the community and everyone can play together. As long as you are a VIP member the essentials (maps, modes, etc) will be free but you must pay for the skins.

It should be $2.99 for the bundle, though I could be wrong.

respawnaction3493d ago

sucks to hear that they are charging. Would you happen to know the cost?

kwicksandz3493d ago

no new weapons = im not interested. Wonder if it will be free for PC. Hope so cause that what i have BC2 on

Koblec3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I'm pretty sure all DLC on the PC is free, if you bought the game new.

Michael Scott3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

That's what she said.

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respawnaction3494d ago

DICE is good with those things. Didn't they give conquest away for free for BC1?

Joe29113494d ago

Yes they did, fans come first to DICE

BeaArthur3494d ago

Doesn't matter to me I have found my load outs that I like for each class so I am content for the time being.

divideby03494d ago

I entered the key I got with the game, but forgot what it was for....
I thought we were gonna get some free maps with that key entered into the store ????

They CANNOT have paid DLC to classes which will make them better than non paying DLC...that would make me just stop playing the game...Cause the more you spend, the more advantage you will have....this would be a kiss of death to a MP game.

darkstar3494d ago

Im sure they realize that.

peeps3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

u did get some free maps with the key....

nelson bay (rush) and laguna alta (conquest).

and at the end of the month you get two more:

Arica Harbor (Conquest)and Laguna Presa (Rush)

and these class editions are purely aesthetic

divideby03493d ago

^ thanx..... I thought there were maps coming

I got to admit, I was wrong about this game..after playing in the PS3 beta, 360 demo and the PS3 demo
I said the game was meh....but I am playing this game every night with budz....its the online game which will keep me playing until Socy 4 or Crysis

Single player is meh though. AI is just terrible..

ZILLA3493d ago

cant wait......BAAAAAAAAAD COMPANY 2 FTW!!

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The story is too old to be commented.