Splash Damage Could Return To Quake, Wolfenstein?

Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood has told IncGamers that it's not inconceivable for Splash Damage to return to some IPs it worked on in its early days as a production studio.

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Maticus3501d ago

Oh Wolfenstein, happy memories...

3501d ago
AndyA3501d ago

Yup, an Enemy Territory update would be amazing.

Dorjan3501d ago

RtcW was the best multiplayer ever :)

Letros3501d ago

They need to get their hands into CW again!

thetamer3501d ago

Bungie have done a great job, but I can't help thinking (having seen Brink) that Splash Damage would do an amazing job...!


I'm very interested in Brink, but its so far away.

Elly3501d ago

Definitely up for some more Quake, bigger and better.

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