DualShockers Review: Final Fantasy XIII

DualShockers writes: "I'm a Final Fantasy fan and yes, I freely admit that regardless of what everyone else thinks of the franchise or even individual games specifically, I've always been a fan. Sure, it has had its ups and downs, and I by no means think every game is perfect, but I try to see things on an individual basis and go in not without preconceived notions. Thus, my experience with the franchise has always been positive. Like so many other fans, I have been waiting around five years for FFXIII to be released, and to finally get my hands on it and embrace it, regardless of what it brings. However, I don't blindly ignore all the potential faults that a game may have, as that would be unfair, especially now. That being said, was FFXIII worth the wait? What did I think of it, and how do my reactions to various development decisions compare to that of yours or just the fanbase in general? Read on to find out!"

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Hitman07693496d ago

Wow , this is by far the most detailed FFXIII review I've seen thus far!

iiprotocolii3496d ago

I'd have to agree there, sir. Excellent review.

taz80803496d ago

This final fantasy has been hammered for a myriad of different reasons but at it's core is still true to the final fantasy franchise.

Hitman07693496d ago

It absolutely is, it's got the story, atmosphere, it IS Final Fantasy people.

iiprotocolii3496d ago

Sadly, I have yet to get this game. Still kind of skeptical, but maybe I'll get it a week or two... just sucks not being able to go to towns - I like talking to random folks with problems. /s

Chadness3496d ago

Lies, you just like stealing their stuff from random treasure chests that just happen to be in their houses.

iiprotocolii3496d ago

lol You, sir, are absolutely right on all accounts. I loved how these treasure chests were never locked. Makes me wonder whether or not you're taking advantage of those poor people's trust.

Ninferno3496d ago

hmm good review, but dont like the game.

IG_DARKSA1NT3495d ago

Good review, but yes not for me either.