Top 5 third party titles that must come to PS3

On the back of the news that Valve has employed three former key staff members from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, and inspired by games industry analyst Michael Pachter's comments about it being a mistake for companies not to develop for the PS3, here's the five games at the top of Play's 'please make this for the PS3' list…

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FangBlade3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Who the hell wants Metro 2033?

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Bereaver3497d ago

First of all, you aren't Bungie, judging by your comments, you couldn't live up to him if you tried.

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Nitrowolf23497d ago

lol he is worst then bungies posting so many post at once

raztad3497d ago

I want it. I love the theme and the atmosphere. If it got a good story is a winner on my books. The same than Bioshock.

THQ said no to release it on the PS3 was a pure business decision, the devel couldnt have a PS3 version on time. It will come.

AntoineDcoolette3497d ago

...considering that its a horror themed FPS title that's 1000x more atmospheric than your typical war shooter and lacks an HUD forcing you to stay on your toes and alert to certain elements such as your health, when your gas mask filter needs changed, etc.

It makes me think of a linear, claustrophobic S.T.A.L.K.E.R

lelo2play3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Could not he have done also ...

Top 5 third party titles that must come to X360

As there are some 3rd party exclusives that ps3 players would like to see in their system from the x360, I'm sure there are 3rd party exclusives from the ps3 that the x360 players would like to see in their system too. It goes both ways.

BattleAxe3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I'm not interested in any of those lol, I haven't even bought any of those for PC.

SnuggleBandit3497d ago

Mass effect 1+2, but that's it really. I would wait on a splinter cell purchase until i found out whether its good or not before buying. Alan wake i would consider too but microsoft has that one locked up.

HolyOrangeCows3497d ago

Maybe Splinter Cell Conviction could actually play in HD or 30fps on the PS3.

Spiderman3496d ago

I think alot of you would be suprised how good metro 2033 actually is, instead of just assuming you think its crap after seeing reviews scroed at 8/10.

Yes it has its weak points, but its great.

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Sonyslave33497d ago

Damn ps3fanboy just buy a 360 or play the games on yall superior pc yall keep talking about oops i forgot yall don't have one.

Dev8 ing3497d ago

I own a PC and PS3 and given the choice of those 5 games or the PS3 exclusives I would have to go with the PS3 exclusives. Actually even if the PS3 list was only MGS4 and GOW3 I would still rather have the PS3 games. Portal 2 does look good and I will definitely be picking it up day 1.

FuckinUsername3497d ago

Hmm.. I have a PC. So no point in them coming to PS3. L4D and Portal are better on PC anyway

kratos1233497d ago

the only game i like in that list is mass effect other than that i can live without

Dev8 ing3497d ago

Funny how all the games on the list are better on the PC and there is probably more reason for them not to be on any console than there is for them to be on the PS3. Valve = PC.

kneon3497d ago

Are there any games that aren't better on the PC?

Two-Face3497d ago

Metro 2033 is better on PC.
Portal 2 is better on PC.
Left4Dead is way better on PC.

Don't need crappy port for my PS3. I play these games on PC.

raztad3497d ago

I agree with L4D and Portal. Valve games are far from demanding hardware-wise.

Metro 2033 looks a lot more punishing on the hardware I doubt my laptop can handle it. Is there a demo?

Biggest3497d ago

There is no demo for obvious reasons. Check out the reviews and videos of Metro 2033. Exceedingly underwhelming execution of a solid idea.

GR8 13497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

U want these games ps3 retards........well do u........then beg on your knees and crawl on all fours and just maybe the developers may feel pity for u lot and make the games for your last gen ps3 console.

These games could be your savior from 3rd place so do as i say BEG on your slimy knees u ps3 scums and i may put a good word for u lot to the developers lol.

jeseth3497d ago

Wow. What a sad existance you live.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3497d ago

How is PS3 last gen? Its the most powerful console there is.

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