Metro 2033 Review on NGN

New Game Network writes: "Strong atmosphere and smooth presentation help this dark underground shooter overcome most of its minor problems."

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3499d ago Replies(7)

I'm on my 3rd play through. I don't want to play anything else at the moment...well until Crackdown 2 comes out. That dlc better be extensive or Im a be pissed.

BeaArthur3499d ago

I thought this game would be pretty average. The embargo was set until the day it released. Everywhere I have seen says the AI is pretty awful.

GR8 13499d ago

One good thing about Metro 2033 is that it has a longer game-play than GOW3 which is a good thing.

Erotic Sheep3499d ago

Shame it lacks everything else huh?


talltony3499d ago

This game is no longer in fact its even shorter but whatever you only like it cause its on 360 we all know that.

xaviertooth3499d ago

i was about to buy this game but after reading this review, it has again kill my interest again with gaming my 360. its a waste of time cleaning my 360 again which accumulated thick dusts in 2 years that i haven't touch it.

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