Miyamoto: 'Vitality Sensor For New Zelda Possible'

NowGamer: Could make enemies tougher as players get scared.

Shigeru Miyamoto has told gamesTM in an exclusive interview that incorporation of the Vitality Sensor into the new Zelda game is a real possibility.

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LoaMcLoa3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"Could make enemies tougher as players get scared"
Would be awesome if we could see some really scary monsters! Except that, Zelda games doesn't really scare me

Nike3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Wow. This could actually be kind of cool. Other things I'd like to see:

1. Physical or emotional fatigue actually reflecting on Link.

2. Some way to distinguish between the fearful thumping of the heart and the adrenaline pumping? The former could make enemies tougher (but yeah, haven't really been scared by Zelda monsters either), the latter could make you faster, hence allowing for better reaction times...or maybe some kind of slow-mo mode? (Also reduced damage).

3. Wouldn't be so bad to finally work on those relationship angles. ;)

If this was properly done, man, it'd be way cool.

Blaze9293493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

what exactly does this sensor do? How are you supposed to play the game with the thing attached to on of your hand's finger? Not trolling or anything just uninformed on this device.

-Alpha3493d ago

I was wondering the same things. The vitality sensor seems like a huge distraction to gaming and I thought it was more for the Wii Fit crowd.

I find the Vitality sensor rather pointless though this would be a good way to implement it. The problem is, like the first guy said, Zelda games aren't scary...

Hopefully they find good ways to implement it, but it looks stupid playing a game with my index finger pinched by another attachment.

Hisiru3493d ago

This is probably a good device for horror games, but Zelda? I don't know.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

It can detect heart rate and other stats from your body.
You could clip it on your pink...its not like you are using your pink other than supporting the controller.

menoyou3493d ago

Nintendo constantly tries to use gimmicks for their games, it's so annoying because they don't even have basic things like proper online functionality. I sure am glad we are getting the real Zelda game we've always wanted on the PS3 (3D Dot Heroes). We can't rely on gimmicky Nintendo anymore.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

Why the disagrees?
What was it I'm false about.

I would like to know.

" I sure am glad we are getting the real Zelda game we've always wanted on the PS3 (3D Dot Heroes). We can't rely on gimmicky Nintendo anymore."

Dude your trolling skills are horrible.

eagle213493d ago

Keep telling yourself that. Zelda will shi$ on 3D Dot Heroes...stop being a fanboy. :)

Biggest3493d ago

I can't believe they're still doing this. I guess since they're pushing forward, I can act as if it matters. How will they account for people using the device with a lower standard of health? How will players with abnormal ranges of heart health properly use it? I am sure it will be able to get a rough baseline, but it will be the most boring 15 minutes of the gameplayers life. But even with a crude baseline, how will this help in any game? What is the point?

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hazelamy3493d ago

and to think, people said the wii was all about gimmicks.

Sonyslave33493d ago

Vitality Sensor is going to be next big thing and Sony is going to copy it as they usual do.

kenpachi3493d ago

just like Microshaft copy Sony's eyetoy for project anal

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

It wasn't sony who invented it damn it.
They actually got it from somewhere else.

na-no-nai3493d ago

lol it be awesome they do incorporate it. but this will surely work in horror games and stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.