Is BioWare's Two Million Subscriber Target Realistic?

IncGamers takes a look at the recent announcement from BioWare regarding the developer's hopes for its upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Can the game really be expected to bring in two million subscribers, doing what everyone except Blizzard has failed to accomplish? With such high goals, is it doomed to fail before its even launched?

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Maticus3501d ago

Don't know why they disclosed these figures, that's massive pressure. They must be sure they can do it, but then, so were Mythic about Warhammer.

3501d ago
AndyA3501d ago

It really depends on the quality of the game. The Star Wars brand is surely enough to attract a lot of users, but if the game doesn't cut it, they won't stick around.

Christopher3501d ago

Blizzard and BioWare share the same concept that will/has made their games big hits with the public: a name recognized for producing high quality games, especially RPG-related games.

I don't think it's unrealistic at all for them to achieve 2 million subscribers in their first three months. Now, will they maintain those numbers? That's up to how well the game plays towards the general public. You can bet that there are millions of WoW and other MMO gamers who are looking for something new and who are interested in playing a good Star Wars MMO, which is the perfect combination of fantasy and sci-fi.

Leord3501d ago

Well, if done right, it's definitely realistic!

Dorjan3501d ago

2 million? Bah! How about 11 million!? Now THAT's a target!

chak_3501d ago

I really think that's doable.

While Wow still has a vast array of player, I know a lot of them are bored (but still playing).
They're waiting something like Wow to move