Krome: Xbox Live's Game Room is 'like iTunes for arcade games'

Microsoft's upcoming Game Room for Xbox Live is a way to get classic arcade titles "legally and authentically", which is big says dev team.

Krome Studios are behind the virtual Game Room, and they say it could be "like having iTunes" but just a "different version" on Xbox Live.

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zig_zag_stories3493d ago

I cant wait for this to come out. even though its seems a little copy of playstation home a little bit But I cant wait to play against friends high scores.

hazardman3493d ago

wait part...I don't think it's anything like HOME..I also like the way the Avatars look in the setting..way better than the Avatar in HOME!! IMO. I swear Sony should do more with HOME.I don't know what they're waiting for anyway..can't wait for Game Room...Killer Instincts..combo breaker!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

Removing the parts that is like Home is the good part in my opinion. Maybe because I'm not a virtual world kind of guy, but I find it boring to walk around a space to reach my goal.

The whole idea of a virtual space might just be a fad, because I think people realize that it is an obstruction to what they are trying to achieve. The rule is, one should not implement an interface that is more boring and slower to do than can be better and simpler with a button.

Depending on what benefits the avatars has as opposed to the current Xbox Live Arcade system them have in place, it might just be another PS Home just from MS i.e. a dud.

With that said, I'm kind of excited because it is directly gaming related and there is a goal something I didn't quite understand with PS Home even after trying it.

-Alpha3493d ago

I agree that focusing it on the games while removing the walking around of Home is a good thing. I just can't accept the fact that you have to REPAY for games you've already bought, and I don't understand the purpose of buying simple arcade games anyway, considering I can play them on the net for free.

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

I can see that you would be upset feeling that you have to repay for the same game. However, fact of the matter is that most have repeatedly paid for the same movie, software and games all along with minor upgrades.

The games you already paid for still work the same as when you bought them. The newer released games in Game Room will have minor features added like achievements/leader boards.

It would be nice if the license was automatically transferred over, but somehow I think the license holder would not agree to that.

With that said, I think it is in MS best interest to do so, because Game Room is a community experience. Pre-populating with current customers is an excellent way of starting that community.

KingME3493d ago

Gameroom will have Mr. Do.

Chubear3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

*So you can do over a thousand more things with a PSN HOME avatar than a 360mii avatar

*you can traverse an entire 3D gaming forum dedicated to gaming and interact with millions of the other forum users not even on your friends list

*you have access to over 100 mini games for free (most of which are original or fresh takes from previous games)

*you are not forced to look at your PSN HOME avatar every time you turn your console on

... but it is Sony that "needs" to do more with HOME?!.. and this offering from MS for it's base is a better direction?!!?!

... REALLY!?!?.. no no, wait... REALLY?! Holy crap, how far are you guys willing to advocate blindly and irrationally to the support of MS products without question simply to see a "victory" over the competition regardless of the quality or value given to you?

You seriously look at what Sony has done to present HOME avatars and say meh but never once have I seen the same naysayers question MS on the content of their offerings with their avatars when they infact are offering less than 1/1000th of what Sony is offering and at a fee most times.

This gen gamers have just gone stark raving bonkers. It's just unfreakin'belivable.

Godmars2903493d ago

You forgot the point that this arcade system MS has set up is a full on non-stop shill that uses its friends network to get you to buy more games. Home meanwhile offers free games that either are never mentioned or get pissed on w/o being mentioned.

IdleLeeSiuLung3492d ago

Because you can do more, doesn't mean it is fun or pleasurable. Because you can do more, doesn't mean it is better or even makes sense.

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plb3493d ago

It's not anything like HOME. There is no walking around. Those avatars are just for show. It's basically just like a menu system. There is a recent video of it they showed you can find on youtube. I actually liked the idea of a Home like environment better than what it is.

zig_zag_stories3493d ago

I am not saying exaclty like home but there are simularities to this. home and game night have a virtual world for you avatar. both have custom cribs one is a apartment one is a game room design. both can play arcade games on it. I like game room idea a little better then home for the playstation. but we will see how long this last on how much it costs to play games.

Wrathman3493d ago

HOME is for room does exactly wot it says on the tin.

xaviertooth3493d ago

more like a poo-poo. keep dreaming it will not even reach near itunes standard.