Is innovation dead at Microsoft?

It's not often you read the words Microsoft and innovation in the same sentence these days, which is odd for a company with one of the biggest research laboratories in the world.

The cool upstart of the 1980s now lives reluctantly in the shadow of Google and Apple as they deliver a steady stream of dazzling gadgets and gizmos to feed insatiable consumer appetite.

Annual revenues at the software giant last year declined for the first time in its history, as demand for PCs fell, and it also trailed the market with a line-up of me-too products such as the Bing search engine and Zune MP3 player, neither or which made significant gains on competitors.

Hsiao-Wuen Hon, managing director of Microsoft Research Asia, admits the company has been slow to embrace consumer technology.

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TheLastLevel3495d ago

Dear lord, doesn't it make sense that they should atleast test if Natal is going to be successful or not?

3495d ago
Cueil3495d ago

maybe not on the Xbox, but it has all kind of uses outside of video games and if they can keep it cheap it's uses are many

Foxgod3495d ago

Why wait until natal is a succes?
Thats not smart if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

gaffyh3495d ago

So ok, they are doing a Xbox -> Xbox 360 and Vista -> Windows 7 thing again? In that case what's the point, might as well wait 3 years and get the better and longer-lasting version, not that I was planning on buying Natal anyway, but I thought there may be a chance if there was a good core game on it.


I expect this article to be trolled...hard.

On topic though, its more likely that improvements over the existing tech, will be researched and developed. And whatever can go into or build upon with the existing tech it will surely be a software update for it. But then again, Natal 2, sounds like something for the 720 maybe...interesting.

IdleLeeSiuLung3495d ago

Motion technology will not go away, but some of it might go obsolete and replaced by others. However, it is here to stay.

The use of Natal could be implemented in so many things. Imagine turning on your TV, Xbox 360 and surround sound system by giving it a gesture. No more need for a controller/remote.

I hope MS implements a standard translation from the controller to the Natal gestures. That way, you could easily implement Natal into let say Netflix and interface. Based on E3, it seems like they already did it on the dash...

Really looking forward to this technology!

LostDjinn3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Natal's accuracy is bound by the resolution of the image. Lag can likewise be addressed easily. The overhead incurred addressing these problems is the troubling part.
I don't see the 360 being able to deal with an increase on Natal's current overhead while performing well as a gaming console.

I expect a Natal upgrade for MS's next console though.

DelbertGrady3495d ago

If you don't think MS, Sony and Nintendo have also been att work for successors to their current consoles for some time you are in denial.

Some of you sound as if planning for the next console means abandoning the other.

dangert123495d ago

fix the 1st 1 due for realese this year 1st (face palm)

sikbeta3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

You know what's the problem here, they're working on natal II but nobody saw something concrete about natal I, at least let me/US see something about the first natal, after watching all the natal "ads" and with the media keeping it Relevant, I thought they (MS) were going to show something, it's NOT how it works, you don't make device-2, if you didn't make/test device-1

Biggest3495d ago

"The use of Natal could be implemented in so many things. Imagine turning on your TV, Xbox 360 and surround sound system by giving it a gesture. No more need for a controller/remote."

Wouldn't the Xbox have to already be on for this to work? The Natal needs the Xbox CPU power so I would imagine it is a normal USB powered device rather than a device with its own power cord.

sid4gamerfreak3495d ago

woah woah slow down Microsoft, at least make natal work and get some games for it...

cliffbo3495d ago

HELLO how many times must i say this Natal is just an EYETOY nothing more


Why should anyone listen to you? As a matter of fact, who the hell are you?

Tony P3495d ago

No, it's not "fast". It's competitive.

Everyone is working on on their newest tech *right now*. They don't take vacations just because one of their products will soon be released.


First...did they really change the title to this article after all this time?
Second...did they really make a flamebait title to this article after all this time?

cliffbo3493d ago


who am i is irrelevant what i say is relevant WHAT YOU SAY IS IRRELEVANT TROLL

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koehler833495d ago

So, skip the public beta and wait for the real release?

Gun_Senshi3495d ago

Their products are always beta testing.

You buy any Software at least 1 year from released, you just bought a product so you Beta Test.

Same with hardware.

FragMnTagM3495d ago

Is that not the exact same thing that happened to the iPhone? It released with a lot of features missing that current cell phones already had and were implemented later on.

You don't think that they just made the iPhone and decided not work on newer versions of it, do you?

All companies that are in the technology business are constantly in R&D for new products, if this is news to you, what rock have you been under?

corneliuscrust3494d ago

you angered some Jobs worshipers!!!

truth that apple always release a gimped first version though

yay ipad

comp_ali3495d ago

keep milking people , like you did with windows

Eiffel3495d ago


Dumbest comment of the day, or at least hour.

The Killer3495d ago

LOL!!! first fix ur first natal before going to the second!!

its like a fisher man who cant catch a big fish and yet he want to catch a wale!!

Natal will flop, ps3 Move is just too powerful, diverse and fun to use!!

the only thing i can think of Natal doing something others cant do is make morning exercises and physical efforts!! like body building or Kon-fu etc but gaming?? no it lacks!!

rawd3495d ago

Why, did all of the Natal prototypes RROD already

Wrathman3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

troll harder..

enjoy your wii hd.

rumour has it that nintendo are releasing a camera to make it more precise.then wii owners have a psmove.minus the glowing dong!

nintendo should release a would be easier for them to attract hardcore gamers than sony to get casual gamers.why? the price alone!

the original price of the ps3 was high enough without games or extra controllers.and sales were slow.if im a new customer and i own a wii..i see a ps3 + move and a game...price at around £350-£ goin to find it seriously hard to distinguish and justfy buyin it.

NateNater3495d ago

"rumour has it that nintendo are releasing a camera to make it more precise.then wii owners have a psmove.minus the glowing dong!"

Then Wii owners have a PS Move....minus the "glowing dong" and minus next gen graphics, minus free PSN, minus AAA exclusives.

Yeaaaa I'm sure that's exactly what the hardcore gamers are looking for. Give it up. Wii cannot appeal to the hardcore. PS3s price point is not that different from Wii's now.

Move probably won't make too many Wii owners want a PS3 but there aren't too many PS3 owners dying to get a Wii just because a new rumored camera is coming for it that upgrades the precision...again.

Madis0073495d ago

They havent even release Natal ad they already working on Natal 2.

Why the hell i should buy Natal when Natal 2 is updated?

milinkg = Forza,Fable,Halo,Gears of War... Now its natal too.