More God Of War Brutality Coming Your Way: GOW Collection & trilogy boxset announced for EU

SCEE Blog: "With God of War III having now launched across PAL Territories, I'm delighted to confirm that we will also be releasing the 'God of War Collection' (€39.99/£24.99 RRP) as follows:

UK, Ireland, Germany & Austria: 30th April 2010
Australia & New Zealand: 29th April 2010
Rest of PAL: 28th April 2010"

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terrorofdeath3495d ago

One thing you're forgetting thats present in GOW and missing in the other games: Epic.

Rusco873494d ago

I imported this in november. I live in the uk. After playing them on the ps2 I was looking forward to the HD remaster. So I import platinum both games and sell it to a friend becuase I wanted the trilogy edition. To which I was pi$$d off when the pulled the pre order quota to meet USA demands.
I'm a massive god of war fan and it's a shame pal and every other territory for that matter that is not America gets slim picking on special edition and this is 6 months late for no reason. There will be nothing differnt It was region free when relaxed in November so why not just do a global release

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Yi-Long3495d ago

... any GOW-fan in Europe probably already bought GOW3 when it came out(!) and now might have to 'double-dip'.

thief3495d ago

I agree - why on earth couldnt they bring it out at the same time?
Honestly, Sony is fortunate to have some really outstanding game development studios to offset the morons who constitute their "management"

peeps3495d ago

SCEE are so so slow lol

i can understand they have to get the languages sorted for europe or whatever but releasing the collection after gow3 will lost it lots of sales imo.

i would have picked this up if i could have played it before gow3 since i never played the originals. gow3 releases and i can't wait so i go out and love every minute, but now i'm much less likely to pick up this collection.

very silly decision imo.

Karum3495d ago

How much language work did the really have to do though?

These are the same games that were released in 2005 and 2007 just with reworked graphics and trophies. Surely it shouldn't have taken this long?

I'm not that annoyed because I imported the collection ages ago but I really hate how SCEE operate sometimes.

Yi-Long3495d ago

... most european gamers are perfectly OK with 'non-localized' games coming out, with just the original language and english subs.

xaviertooth3495d ago

it's called commitment. not all european countries are english speaking. there are reasons why europe loves sony/ps3, one of which is this. they just don't cater to only one country.

GR8 13495d ago

God of War Collection can't surpass Halo Sales. Which to me makes GOW3 a FLOP also has GOW3 sold a million yet or is it still struggling.

ZBlacktt3494d ago

Mario brothers seems to sell very well also. Would that also be just a great well done master piece game to you as well? How many GOTY games has Halo received? Xbox? Just wondering. You're opinion on sells only matter might mean something to gamers 8 to 13 years old. One's who love the game you speak of. Not the pro gamers who give out awards for excellence.

na2ru13495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I'll buy the collection. Since PS3 games sell for longer periods, trilogy should do well too.

Many gamers who picked up GOW3 haven't played through previous two. GOW3 success should spike up demand for GOW collection.

edit: As a gamer, I'M STILL PISSED!

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The story is too old to be commented.