BSC Review: God of War 3

B.T. Robertson writes: God of War 3 is an incredible game. Sony sunk $44 million into the development of the title and it paid off. Kratos never looked so good; the gods and titans never looked so good; the gameplay has a coating of polish that improves the original finish and foundation underneath; the story, while a bit lacking, comes to a satisfying close with an incredible boss fight; and the journey has never been so bloody violent and bone-crunching.

The score I give it is not an average, and even with the few minor complaints, it's well-earned, and not perfect. A game is a sum of its parts, not an average of each. Plus, I'm partial to these games and love the action/adventure genre.

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Dnied3502d ago

Not a complaint, just an observation... what's with all the odd score values with gow3?

Never have I seen so many 9.3's to 9.9's

what's that all about lol

I don't disagree with scores like that, but if you're going to start being that picky (which all reviews should be) why is this the only time I've really seen them stand out lol normally its a 9, 9.5 or a 10, am i wrong?