VIP codes vs 2nd hand games

Critical Gamer writes: There's been an increasing trend recently with games getting released with 'VIP download codes' which give you access to extra levels, weapons and other goodies for free. This has obviously been devised to combat the increasingly lucrative second hand games market. So what are the pros and cons in this bold move by the industry?

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Jim Crikey3496d ago

Personally I don't like the VIP codes system; but it's better than other measures used so far.

scruffy_bear3496d ago

It's better than EPIC's idea. If they get thier way they wil make you buy the ending to their games if you bought them second hand

poontab3496d ago

I got gamefly so this kind of sucks. And as far as helping to curb piracy, which I'm all for, how can it fight piracy on the PS3? There is none (in games)! All this is doing to me is making sure I don't buy used. Oh well, about the only thing EA I got to have is Burnout.

bruddahmanmatt3495d ago

If you like a game, support the developer. Used games only benefit the seller. The only downside to these codes are that folks who rent games are SOL with regards to the VIP content and that IMO sucks. One reason I flat out love VIP codes is that it (provided you're a smart shopper) prevents retailers from ripping off customers. One of my friends was stupid enough to buy Bad Company 2 for $55 used from Gamestop when it would have only cost him $5 more to get it new with the VIP codes. Luckily he was able to return it for a new copy but come the F on. $55? GTFO. We all know Gamestop took that thing in for $40. $15 profit for them, nothing to DICE who despite a few annoying bugs created a great game and no VIP code for my friend.

IDesertFoxI3496d ago

I must admit, I fully support these game codes coming with games. Okay, it will damage the second hand market, but it is also an unintrusive way to help curve piracy a bit more, by denying those who don't source the game legitimately some of the content that paying customers get.

The true genius though is that if pirates want this content, they can buy a code for themselves, which I assume will give them legitimate access to the VIP download network on the pirated software. This will make them into somekind of hybrid pirate/customer of the game if they want to enjoy more than just the bare bones experience.

I am sick of having ridiculously intrusive and punishing copy protection software, such as Ubisofts latest move to force us to be constantly online for their PC lineup, as a way to get at the pirates, because it really doesn't work. Giving consumers incentives to buy is a much better idea than making everyone jump through hoops in an attempt (that will fail) to prevent piracy.

scruffy_bear3496d ago

I hate Ubisofts DRM it sucks that I have to be online at all times to play any of there new games

scruffy_bear3496d ago

There's got to be a better way at fighting the pirates than using DRM

Pidgeridoo3496d ago

VIP code's are a great idea to make people buy the game brand new

jagstatboy3496d ago

agreed...and that's why it sucks.

Corrwin3496d ago

Seems fair, I know a few people who buy the one game, then take advantage of the "trade this game in, get this new game for £10" deals.

Nobody but the stores benefit from that, so the more incentive they have to buy new, even when it hits the bargain bins can't be a bad thing.

BeaArthur3496d ago

I don't mind the VIP codes. So far they have provided free content (although it was content that probably should have been in the game anyways). Even though I will always buy a game used if it's available I still don't have a problem with VIP codes. The developers work hard on these games and they shouldn't just be cut out of the loop when we buy games used.

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The story is too old to be commented.