UK Software Charts (22/Mar): Kratos Is God of Charts

SPOnG: "God of War III dominates the UK software charts this week (courtesy GfK-Chart Track), as the PlayStation 3 exclusive pummels its way to #1. It marks Sony's second top-spot victory in as many months, with Heavy Rain achieving the same in February. Kratos' latest adventure outsold God of War II's launch by a ratio of 2.65 to 1."

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Abash3499d ago

God of War 3 deserves great sales, it's truly incredible

Syronicus3499d ago

It is the best in the series IMHO and for anybody to pass it up is beyond my comprehension. If not for anything else, you have got to use this game as a current bench mark for showing people what next gen gaming is all about. The graphics, story and action this game offers are second to none.

badz1493499d ago

Kratos latest entry into the series is truly 2nd to none in terms of everything! Kratos struck me so hard I'm still stunned everytime I'm playing! everyone needs to play GoW3 and you won't be disappointed!

sikbeta3499d ago

Is Great to know that More People is Enjoying This Amazing Game, God of War 3 is Simply Epic

na2ru13499d ago

with GOW3 in her hand whilst i too was queing on friday :)

3499d ago
rockleex3499d ago


I wonder what happened to XIII? O_o

lelo2play3499d ago


vhero3499d ago

@rockleex - everybody who wanted FFXIII bought it on day 1 people picking it up last week were the few who didn't really know about it.

Commander TK3499d ago

The true fans realised that it is a pathetic excuse for a JRPG

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I havn't played it yet, and it probably is amazing, but I can't decide whether to get it. I've heard its a short game, and I want something that'll last me. Someone on my friends list bought the game Friday night (8ish) and had got the Platinum by Saturday evening (6ish.) He didn't play through the night or anything, just regular gaming time, and he's not exactly the most skilled gamer. So IDK. Anyone have any advice?

And WTF is just dance still doing in the charts?

Bebedora3499d ago

If you cannot rent it or borrow one, I'd say it's worth your money on the experience and immersion you get when playing it. Stellar and adrenaline pumping story and game play.

But you are right in it being short. All are. I don't play games over again, just happened with some few games (UC:DF, Ratchet and GoW) and this one is worth more than one round. For me it's much about all you have to take in of what's happening and experience it once more you get a more complete experience.

Nevertheless, it's short.

Kevin ButIer3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

*Kevin Butler kills a cow with his own hands, takes a blood bath and do the GOW dance*

Edit: No cows were harmed on the writing of this comment

HolyOrangeCows3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Jesus, Butler. Why so violent? Stay away from my herd :)

That's pretty good considering UK is Xbox-land after US.

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Michael Myers3499d ago

best game this gen besides metal gear, and uncharted 2

Foxgod3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Metro 2033 on the 5th place, nice =)
I am glad the game is getting the attention it deserves.

Most people claimed it wouldnt even crack the top 10.

Def Warrant3499d ago

Um... why are you mentioning Metro in a PS3 exclusive related article? Still trying to convince people it isn't mediocre eh?

ohmikkie3499d ago

how stalker-like is metro then. considering getting it for me xbox. been wanting a stalker game for console for ages.

completed GOWIII last night. absolutely awesome. definitely going to do another play-through over the weekend.

clintos593499d ago

Not trying to sound fanboyish but u remind me of halo odst fanboys who "ACCEPTS MEDIOCRE & SALES" over "MASTERPIECES & ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPIRIENCES".

Anybody that is willing to tell me that the first quest in god of war 3 leading to the first boss battle did not blow u away, is either a fanboy making stories up that he played the game or is just a damn moron, because I can tell u right now, I wasnt a big god of war fan but my friend at work told me to try it out. And it was a shock to me coming out his mouth because he likes nothing but sports games & he said his friend let him borrow it because his friend was also blown away from it & just told him to try it even tho he doesnt dig these games.

Well he went home tried it and he told me it was the most amazing game he has ever expirienced, like an epic & cinematic feel where u arent only watching & playing as a god but its so "IMMERSIVE" that u actually feel like a god in kratos shoes. I went & bought the game & here I am the newest god of war fan.

Foxgod3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Since when is the UK top 10, playstation exclusive?
You may wanna double check, this is an all platform article.

You guys are seriously butthurt, acting like all comments in this article should be GOW related.

peeps3499d ago

"how stalker-like is metro then"

it's got good atmospehere and is set in a post appocalyptic world but thats pretty much where the similarities ends (altho i also hear both games have poor shooting)

metro = linear fps
stalker = open world fps/rpg

also metro seems to suffer from bad ai but some reports say this is only on the 360 version? at least i know gametrailers only tested the 360 version and there was so many bad examples that they were able to make a compilation of bad ai in 1 playthrough. they did say it has great atmosphere tho etc. prob a game worth renting, not so much owning

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diatom3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

The drought of decent 360 games continues. You could release a turd in a lime green case and probably do just as well.

Luckily mass effect has some replay value.

Foxgod3499d ago

What drought?
Mass effect in jan, Metro in march, splinter cell in april, alan wake in may, crackdown in june, and halo and fable in september.

Yeah feels real dry...

Denethor_II3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Some of the best game's I've ever played have got 7 out of 10's, but not Metro, its a pile of Shiiiiit!

raztad3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Come on. Stop hating on Metro 2033. It's just a game, not even exclusive to the xbox and it will eventually be on the PS3. I for one love STALKER/post apocalyptic themed games. Now that GoW3 (best game ever for me) is out I got more time to play Fallout 3, to finish STALKER and look forward to Metro 2033 on the PS3 (no hurries I can wait).

ReBurn3499d ago

Wait...PS3 exclusive-related article? Um, isn't this a sales chart article? As in, related to all of the games on the chart? Sure GOW3 is dominating it, but that's about the extent of the PS3 exclusive part. I could be wrong, but I think it is ok to talk about all of the games on the chart.

Consoldtobots3498d ago

wow talk about lame, you are truly a 360 fanboy.

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Superduper093499d ago

I'm glad GOW3, FFXIII and Heavy Rain all are selling well. I like these three games very much.

Def Warrant3499d ago

Great news for Santa Monica Studios. The more people that buy this game the better. It really is an incredible masterpiece. Can't wait to see what else they have for us gamers.