Monster Hunter Tri~ Early Adopters to Receive Limited Edition Figurine

Monster Hunter Tri~ roars into life across Europe on 23rd April 2010, and hunters that snap-up a copy of the game or any bundle early will receive a stunning free Rathalos head figurine. Gamers across Europe also have the opportunity to become the ultimate hunter by picking up the exclusive Monster Hunter Tri~ bundle, which includes the game, a black Classic Controller Pro, Wii Speak accessory and a Lagiacrus head figurine. The ultimate hunter pack bundle will be available from launch.

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Myst3497d ago

What!? I hope the US will get something cool, seems like Japan and the UK are the only ones who can get cool things along with their Monster Hunter games...

Also I'm still hoping that sooner or later they will allow US and UK players to play together, but it's rather doubtful at this time though.

LoaMcLoa3497d ago

I just pre-ordered Ultimate hunter Pack. Hope I get the figurine too

poontab3496d ago

Is the figurine supposed to make up for the fact that capcom spent 3 years porting a mainly online multi player game for PS2 to the Wii instead of making a real console sequel? Or was that what that crappy pack-in controller is for? I know let the bashing commence. Have fun trading friend codes.

SpoonyRedMage3496d ago

It's a complete new game and there's no friend codes dipshit now GTFO and get educated...

oh, and cry moar as well.

Myst3496d ago

Why did Spoony get a disagree, the statement he made about friend codes is true.

First of all, the game is relatively new released in Japan in the late part of the year so it's not as old as you stated. Second the controller they made [Classic Controller Pro] is at least to give the players of the game the same feel as a Dual Shock 3 controller, minus the problem probably. Third no friend codes, it's been stated many many times that the game would not do that.

Corrwin3496d ago

I wouldn't say it's a completely new game. It features more changes than Freedom Unite had over Freedom 2, but it's not that big a jump from FU.

decimalator3496d ago


That's because Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was an EXPANSION to Monster Hunter Freedom 2, which itself was an expansion to Monster Hunter Freedom which itself was a portable spin-off of Monster Hunter for the PS2.

I am ravenous for all things Monster Hunter, and even *I* am not all that thrilled about Tri. It is a real f'ing shame that Capcom made it a Wii exclusive. Hopefully it will get ported to PS3 once Move gains some steam. If not, hopefully they will realize that an HD Monster Hunter would essentially be printing money. I would buy just a port of Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter 2 with a proper 3D camera.

poontab3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

My bad about the friend codes, you're right. Lucky you. For real just like Tatsunoko vs Capcom I'm frustrated and jealous of the fact it's not on PS3, cause I played the shirt out of MH PS2. But you can't be serious about it not being another port of the original (just like the PSP's FU). Every generation of consoles almost 100% of my games were JP developed but this gen it seems like JP's development community is hesitant to innovate.

@SpoonyRedMage what's moar?

@Nuri what's the problem with the DS3? not enough waggle for your taste? not generic enough? oh I know it doesn't have a chord. You win.

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SpoonyRedMage3496d ago

Cool, probably going to pre-order this then.

SeanRL3496d ago

Dammit, make this for ps3! The psp one were awesome and this looks even better.

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